This is a an article about Achievements and trophies featured in the fan fiction game concept Grand Theft Auto: San Fierro Stories. During the story and some other mini game and side mission articles I mention some achievements that are unlocked. So i thought i might as well include a list about achievements and trophies i talk about. (Achievements for 360 and trophies for PS3 for those who dont know what im talking about)

Note: This list is incomplete. More of these may be added later on.

Achievements and TrophiesEdit

Name Description Gamerscore Trophy level
Guess Whos back... Complete "The City By the Bay..." 5G Bronze
From Bad To Worse Complete "Bad Memories" 5G Bronze
Forgivness is...

Save the Drug dealers life (In Relentless Revenge)

10G Bronze
Rock Bottom Complete "One night in San Fierro" 5G Bronze
With That out of the way... Complete "Chinese new year" 5G Bronze
Live by the gun die by the bottle Complete "Soaked in tears and tequila" 5G Bronze
The Story Has Been Written Finish the main story 50G Gold
Perfecto! Achieve 100% completion 75G Gold
The Fast and the Fearless Win all Street races 25G Silver
Mars United Defense Beat the high score on earth invaders 5G Bronze
Classics never die Beat the high score on 2D Bros extreme! 5G Bronze
PVT. Steele Attain Level 20 in Vigilante 25G Silver
Bounty Hunter Take out all most wanted criminals 50G Gold
No Turbin required Complete 50 fares in Taxi driver 20G Silver
The first rule of fight club... Defeat all opponents in Ridgemont Fight Club 20G Bronze
Grand Theft Auto Deliver all 25 Car ordered through text 25G Silver
Contract Killer Complete All 10 Assassination Missions 30G Gold
Hustler Win a game of pool without missing one shot 20G Bronze
Turkey Time! Roll 3 straight strikes in bowling 10G Bronze
Steady Arm Throw 3 bullseyes in a row in Darts 15G Bronze
Sharp eye Snap all photo Ops in the game 25G Silver
Gunslinger Achieve Mater level on all weapons 35G Gold
Fashion freak Attain all pieces of clothing available in the game 40G Gold
Take home the belt Win 10 straight Arm Wrestling matches 15G Bronze
Gunlover Posses every weapon available in the game at least once 25G Silver
Four leaf clover Win the Jackpot on all 3 slot machines 20G Bronze
From Russia with Luck Bet the max in Roulette and win 25G Silver
Trainer of the year Bet on the winning horse in 3 straight races 25G Silver
Bodybuilder Achieve full body muscle 20G Bronze
Slob Achieve full body fat 15G Bronze
Sex Symbol Max out the sex appeal stat 20G Bronze
Deadly accurate Get 250 headshots 25G Silver
I fought the law and I won. Evade a 6 star wanted level 50G Gold
Long Haul Travel 50 miles in one vehicle without leaving it or damaging it 20G Bronze
Spotless Complete a combat mission without losing any health or armor 25G Silver
Social god Achieve 100% like with all 4 of your friends 30G Silver
Local Celebrity Meet every stranger (random Character) 25G Silver
Grease Monkey Drive every vehicle in the game once. 20G Bronze
Full winged Pilot Fly for 100 in game hours 25G Silver
Adrenaline Rush Complete all unique stunt jumps 25G Silver
Have a problem? Spend 24 in game hours gambling 10G Bronze
He must have the fever Dance perfectly 5 times in a row. 10G Bronze
Speedy Complete the main story in under 30 hours 20G Silver
Kingpin Complete all 10 drug running missions 10G Bronze
Millionaire Obtain $1,000,000 in single player 5G Bronze
MVP Be the highest scoring player in 3 consecutive Public Team Death Match games. 10G Bronze
Caught the Virus Kill A Rockstar member or someone who has this achievement 5G Bronze
No Prestige just Pride Obtain level 50 in multiplayer (Highest) 10G Bronze