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Grand Theft Auto IV: Blood & A Four Leaf Clover is a fan fiction DLC concept to run parallel with the events of GTA IV. It was created by Akavari112 on GTAForums.



The protagonist, Gordon Sargent (left), and his accomplice, Michael Keane, in the mission Waste Not Want Knots.

The Irish Mob has long been dwindling and is now reduced to hired muscle for other organizations. They no longer hold the influence and power they used to, and have been pushed back into Dukes by Italian and Russian mobs.

You play as 28-year old Irish outlaw Gordon Sargent, a name that is no longer known or feared in the criminal underworld. His purpose in the McReary Mob has been diluted to grunt work and he is at the bottom of the food chain. He struggles to build a reputation and make a living in a dying criminal underworld. On top of this, he owes a large sum of cash to a dangerous Messina Family capo as the result of a bad gamble. He finds himself reluctantly doing favors for him and the Messina Family to compensate for the debt, while at the same time fulfilling his commitment to the ailing McRearys. In a tight financial state, he must resort to branching out to new employers and witness first-hand the fall of organized crime families, including the McRearys, the Ancelottis, and the Messinas. Gordon will also become deeply involved with a priceless painting, the Ancelotti Don's kidnapped daughter, a stolen payload of drugs, a relentless assassin, and much more.

The majority of the game centers around the district of Dukes; Gordon's safehouse is located in Steinway and most of his employers reside nearby. As opposed to the gang warfare of The Lost and Damned, and the over-the-top action of The Ballad of Gay Tony, Blood & A Four Leaf Clover's gameplay style takes the form of old-fashioned armed robbery and heists. As Gordon Sargent, you partake in a string of robberies with Packie McReary and Michael Keane, continued later with Liam Ross and Neil Kelly as a side mission. Every other mission will be a war in the streets or an open firefight with the LCPD, and afterward, a retreat to the local pub to glorify your Irish pride by drinking your troubles away.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Gordon Sargent (protagonist)
  • Packie McReary
  • Michael Keane
  • Mark Volpe
  • Neil Kelly
  • Liam Ross
  • Stevie
  • Papi Ortiz
  • Fredo Volpe
  • Gerald McReary
  • Harry Hall
  • Claude Wome
  • Harvey Noto
  • Phil Bell

Minor/Supporting/Random CharactersEdit

  • Tommy
  • Niko Bellic
  • Sergeant Vile
  • Daryl McKenzie
  • Rami Yalon
  • Gracie Ancelotti
  • Jack
  • The Doctor
  • Chad


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