This is an article about the gangs featured in the fan fiction game concept Grand Theft Auto: San Fierro Stories. Gangs play a large part in the story but Jack is not a full member of any gang. He plays the middle and uses certain gangs to his advantage.

Note: This List is incomplete as more gangs may be added at a later date.


Name: Wang Triads

Leader: Steven Wang

Areas controlled: Eastern San fierro, Western South San Fierro, Chinatown (San Fierro)

Clothing: Suits, Casual

Description: One of the large Triad families in San Fierro, Control a lot of the city and have been at war with the Feng triads for a while now. Jack works for The Wang family for a large part of the story.

Name: Feng Triads

Leader: Wei Hang

Areas controlled: Western and northern San fierro

Clothing: Suits, Casual

Description: Slightly smaller than the Wang family but still powerful. At war with the Wang family for control of the city.

Name: Cruz Cartel

Leader: Jorge Cruz

Areas controlled: Eastern South San Fierro, Ridgemont.

Clothing: Jeans, T-shirts and occasionally, suits.

Description: Control almost all of Ridgemont, Their main business is drug dealing but they also operate in prostitution as well.

Name: Angels of death MC

Leader: Steven Storey

Areas controlled: North Bay, Doherty (San Fierro)

Clothing: Biker jackets, Jeans.

Description: The San Fierro bay area chapter of the Angels of death MC seen in Liberty City. Control little territory but their influence has been rising as they are becoming more and more aggressive.

Name: Irish Mob

Leader: James McReary

Areas controlled: No definitive territory. But only operates in Ridgemont.

Clothing: Casual dress (Jeans, T-shirt)

Description: A relatively small mob branch that operates in Ridgemont. Mostly only delves into Extortion and occasionally Prostitution. Headed by James McReary who is the cousin of Packie.

Name: Marino family

Leader: Anthony Marino

Areas Controlled: Northern Ridgemont

Clothing: Suits, Casual

Description: A Mob family that mainly operates out of Las Venturas and Vice City. But have been operating in Ridgemont recently.

Name: East Side Lordz

Leader: Juan Calderon

Areas Controlled: Controls drug market in Eastern San Fierro

Clothing: Casual

Description: A Chiefly Mexican street gang that operates in the drug trade of Eastern San Fierro and control the market in Chinatown and Doherty specifically.