Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Prologue is a fan fiction

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Grand Theft Auto concept made by Los Santos Pedestrian on GTA Forums. The setting is Liberty City, and the year is 1978. The protagonist is Vincent Dimezzo (dimezzo roughly meaning middle in Italian, referencing middle men), who was in Vice City since 1978 and returns home. The concept includes 57 missions.


The game is set in Liberty City, in 1978. It is at the time a very crime-ridden town, much like it's modern-day settings, in 1998, 2000 and 2001 . This is similar to the hike in crime that New York City encountered in the late 1960's up until the late 1980's. The protagonist, Vincent Dimezzo, lived in Liberty City since he was born until 1972 when he was asked to start "business" there, as a request from the new Don Sonny Forelli. After six years, he was battered by the gangs there, and when he left, he was the last of the Forelli's in the city. He left Vice City in 1978 only to return to a Liberty City much more different than he remembered. The Forelli's have taken over a huge amount of territory from the Leone Family , a new gang in Shorside Vale emerged, called the Wichita Gardens Syndicate. With the hike of crime as well, a lot more people than he expected are giving him an unfriendly welcome home celebration.

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