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Grand Theft Auto Fan Fiction is a wiki showcasing fiction from members at , including everything from fan fiction pieces to concepts for Downloadable Content and whole new Grand Theft Auto games (including everything from storylines to character pages, weapon information, vehicles, and anything else you can imagine).

The wiki is free to edit by anybody and everybody, but doing so in a negative manner will result in being banned.

For more information on the original Grand Theft Auto series by Rockstar Games, visit GrandTheftWiki, the most reliable and accurate source for information on the Grand Theft Auto series.

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To get started exploring the wiki and adding to it, create a new page for your Concept/Fiction-Piece and get editing. Please create separate pages for each sub-section of your concept and chapters (for those of you who are writing fiction pieces). For example, have one page specifically for weapons, one page for vehicles, one page for missions (or one page per mission, depending on how much detail is included in each mission), etc. Do not create pages for fiction pieces that are not yours, or steal ideas from concept threads that exist anywhere on the internet, and be original at all times. Copying other people's work is not condoned, and will result in a ban. Crossovers and such are allowed, but must be stated in your wiki page with a reference to proof.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy your stay!

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