This is a list of Safehouses in the fan made game concept Grand Theft Auto: San Fierro Stories. The safehouses are grouped by location.

Note: This list is incomplete as more safehouses may be added as the story writing continues.

San FierroEdit

Childhood home

Exterior view

The first safehouse available in the game and is unlocked after you complete the first mission. It is inhabited by Jack and his family at the same time but the other family memebers are not seen inside the house outside of cutscenes. Jacks room is located above the garage and this is where you save games and change clothes. The house has all the rooms you would expect from an average home and all the rooms are explorable. The garage can also be used to store one vehicle. The arrow marker that starts missions is located on the sidewalk in front of the house so you can still access the garage and the house without touching the marker. The safehouse has a TV in the living room but does not have a computer so you are unable to access the internet from the house.

Main floor (Entry floor)

Jack's room

Greg's room

Master Bedroom


Living room


Bottom floor (Basement)


Andy's room



Packie's Apartment

Exterior view

Located in Creekfield Village in eastern Ridgemont. The apartment is located on the second floor after you enter the building and is given to you as a place to stay by Packie. It only features two rooms and you save games and change clothes in the bedroom. And you save vehicles at the parking space in front of the building. The apartment is considerably high class compared to other ones and it shows the wealth the Irish mob has. The Safehouse includes TV in the living room as well as a laptop in the dining area you can use to access the web.


Living area

South San FierroEdit

Billy's House

Exterior View

Located on the eastern Cost of South San Fierro this safehouse is unlocked after you complete Billy's missions and he rewards you with his old house since he wont be using it anymore. The house is considerably nice and features a two car garage and a jetty you can store boats in if they are parked within the two sides of the dock. The house features two stories and multiple rooms. It has a flat screen T.V in the living room and a laptop you can use to access the internet in the sunroom at the back of the house. Billy's red Phoenix is always parked in the driveway next to the garage. The bedroom is on the second floor and that is where you save games and change clothes.

Living room


Sun Room


Personal Dock