This is a list of missions in the Grand Theft Auto: San Fierro Stories. Game Concept. A detailed description of the background can be found on the main page.

Note: This is an unfinished list as the story writing is not fully complete.

There is a mission table located after the missions section.


Note: This doesnt represent any specific order. Multiple missions could be open at a given time.

Opening Cutscene: The opening cutscene shows The protagonist Jack Steele sitting on a plane as it approaches San Fierro. He is sitting in a seat near the window next to an old lady. She asks him if he has ever been to San Fierro before. he says that its his home town and hes been away for a while. And hes going home after being away for 8 years. When the plane lands at the airport Jack departs and meets his brothers near the baggage claim. They then head to their car parked outside.

The City by the bay....

Giver: Autostart

Payout: $500

The game begins with Jack reuniting with his brothers after landing in San Fierro. The mission has you drive to the Steele's childhood home on the west side of San Fierro, Along the way Jack talks about his time in Vice City and how he worked for a guy named Tommy. When you get there Andy gives you $500 to start you off and says he will call you in a little bit. You then are instructed to enter the house where you recieve a brief tutorial on how to save progress, Change clothes and use the other features of the safe house. When you exit the house the mission is complete.

Achievement unlocked (5G): Guess whos back...

New Safehouse unlocked: Childhood home.

Greg and Andy Steele strand.

The Boys are back in town.

Giver: Greg and Andy Steele (G&A)

Payout: $150

After you exit the house Greg calls you and tells you to meet him and Andy at the 8 ball bar on the edge of the Finacial district. This puts a (G&A) on the radar for you to follow. Drive over there and meet up with them. A cut scene follows in which Greg invites you to a party not to far from the bar. you And your brothers head out and hop in a vehicle. Drive the 3 blocks west to the party at a house. pull into the marker outside the house. When you and your brothers get out of the car you spot a man trying to steal a womans purse. Even though Jack is a career criminal he decides to help. You run down the street and confront the man. He tries to fight back, you are instructed to beat him up using your hand to hand combat but if you have any weapons you can still use them. Beat up the man and after you are done return to the party. You regain control of Jack in front of the house 5 game hours later and the mission is complete.

New Elements: All shops and businesses are now open for you to shop in.

Staying Strapped.

Giver: Greg and Andy Steele (G&A)

Payout: 9mm Pistol

After the house part make your way back to your safe house which is also marked by a (G&A) blip. Step into the marker near the door to begin the mission. You meet your brothers as they are coming out of the garage. Greg and Andy then tell Jack that last night made them realize that they have no weapons in a hostile world. Jack asks if their old friend Ernesto is still selling guns out of his trunk. The brothers decide to find out. Hop in a four door car and wait for your brothers to enter. Follow the map blip and GPS route to Ernesto's place just south of your location. Along the way Jack explains that Tommy has asked him to set up drug operations here in San Fierro your brothers say they dont want to get back into the drug game right now but Jack doesn't want to let Tommy down. When they get to Ernesto's place they find him sitting in his garage and sure enough he still sells weapons. He decides to give you each a 9mm pistol free of charge and invites you to test it out in his backyard. you the reappear in Ernesto's backyard with 5 targets to shoot out. Aim at each target and shoot each one. he then tells you to shoot the dummy in the corner and use your lock on. Lock onto the dummy and shoot it 3 times. Ernesto then tells you he knows the weapons work and tells you to leave before the police come to investigate the shots. This has been your armed combat tutorial. Drive your brothers back to your home to complete the mission.

Test run

Giver: Greg and Andy Steele

Payout: $150 plus Tec-9

After you recieve a pistol from Ernesto head back to the marker in front of your safehouse. Here we see Susan Steele for the first time and Greg tells of The triads who rule chinatown, The Wangs. And Greg says he got to know one of their underbosses really well after doing some work electrician work for him. He says that he told him about how well you use a gun and your criminal history and he wants to "test you out" before he refers you on to the boss and that he could have the connections you need to set up Tommy's operations in the area. His name is Jerry Han. Greg wants to go see him in Chinatown as soon as possible. After the cutscene hop in a vehicle and wait for Greg to enter. Follow the GPS route to Jerry's house in Chinatown. Chinatown is located directly south of the finacial district. When you arrive pull into the marker arrow. A cutscene shows you and Greg appraching the door and ringing the door bell. Jerry answers the door and refusses to admit knowng Greg or being part of the Traid thinking that Jack is a cop. Greg calms him down and explaind the situation. Jerry says that he wants to see if jack knows how to use a weapon as well as Greg says he can. After the cutscene get in Jerry's car parked across the street. He hands you a Tec-9 and points out 3 drug dealers standing on a corner down the street. Pull up and open fire with the Tec-9 If one runs off chase after him and either run him over or shoot him down. Jerry then directs you to take out a group of Feng Triads around the corner. Pull up and either run them over or gun them down. This earns you a 2 star wanted level and Jerry instructs you to use a nearby pay n spray. Pull in and Jerry pays the fee. He tells you he needs one more thing. Follow the gps route not too far to a burger shot in Queens. Located West of Chinatown. Pull in front and get out and follow Jerry inside. He tells you to hold up the clerk as he steals some cash from the register. lock onto the clerk and Jerry takes the cash from the register. Leave the Burger shot and drive Jerry home. He lets you keep the Tec-9 And gives you a cut of some of the money he got from the Register. Greg has gone home while you were gone. Jerry is now a contact in your phone. He will be calling you shortly.

The brothers Steele

Giver: Greg and Andy Steele

Payout: $300

After you meet Jerry you return home. Greg and Andy are playing cards on the back porch with Ernesto and a new character named Eric Malley. Eric introduces himself and tells Jack that he has a hot car parked downtown that needs to be picked up. He doesn't say what is in the car but insures Jack that it should be no problem. He wants you to take it to a lockup near the Airport when he has picked it up. Andy Decides to come along. Hop in a vehicle and wait for Andy. Head to the alley in the Financial district located behind a strip club. When you arrive exit your vehicle and enter the Black Merit down the alley, Once you enter the car and Andy is also in a white van pulls up at the end of the alley and three Albanian gangsters hop out and yell that the car is being stolen, one hops out and begins shooting at the car with a pistol. The alley is a dead end ahead of you so your only way out is to back out. So slam on the reverse run over the guy shooting and into the van. If you hit it hard enough it should slide out of the way. turn around and begin heading toward the lockup. The Albanians do not pursue. Along the way Andy brings up the topic of their father. Here we learn the first details of his death and says that the guy who shot him was seen in a black coat and ski mask and only targeted their father. Jack says that he doesn't want to hear more and says its water under the bridge. When you get to the Lockup pull the car into the garage and a short cut scene shows Andy saying he needs to go "meet somebody" and leaves. Jack then calls Eric to report his success and Eric invites you over to his apartment in Garcia located south west of Queens. This puts a red "E" on the map marking Eric.

Phone call: After Jack is finished calling Eric, Jerry calls you and invites you Back to his place. This puts A "JH" on the map at Jerry's house in Chinatown. We will cover his strand first as the G&A strand is stopped temporarily.

Jerry Han Strand

Ghosts in the fog.

Giver: Jerry Han.

Payout: $350

Jerry will call you after you complete "The brothers Steele" and tell you to come visit him. Enter the marker in front of Jerry's house in Chinatown. Jack enters and Jerry asks him for a favor. He wants Jack to take a group of his men to a meeting at a pier along the northern water front of San Fierro. They are meeting a drug supplier to discuss an upcoming shipment. After the cut scene hop in the indicated four door car containing three Triad members. Drive to the meeting on the western most pier of San Fierro's water front. Pull into the marker and a cut scene shows the three guys exiting the vehicle and approaching a man dressed in a trench coat. It is very foggy out at this moment. jack sees three Feng triads sneaking up through the fog carrying weapons. Exit the vehicle and gun down the Three men. The Wangs run back to you and when they do a carload of Fengs pulls up. Jack takes cover behind his car. Use your cover to protect yourself from the bullets and gun down all Four of them. when you do you and the Triads quickly hop in the car. Another carload of Fengs approaches and begins shooting at you. If you have used all your remaining Tec-9 ammo the Wangs will shoot for you so dont worry. But just shoot through the windshield and windows and when you kill all the attackers drive back to Jerry's house pull into the arrow to finish the mission.

Dead to rights

Giver: Jerry Han

Payout: $500

After you drop off the guys and Jerry's apartment his mission arrow disappears temporarily so you could use this time to complete a mission for Eric until you receive the phone call. Jerry calls you after a little while and says that he wants revenge on the Fengs for assaulting the meeting with the supplier. And wants to teach them a lesson not to mess with the Wang family ever again. He says that the Fengs commonly hang out at a gang owned warehouse in Doherty. He tells you that taking a couple of his men to assault the warehouse would probably teach the Fengs a lesson that their aggression wont go unpunished. After the cut scene hop in a four door vehicle and pick up the two Wangs standing on the sidewalk. Follow the GPS route to the warehouse in Doherty located southeast of Chinatown across from the airport. When you get there pull into the marker arrow near the entrance to the Warehouse. If you dont already have a MAC-10. One of the Wang guys gives one to you with a lot of ammo. Exit the vehicle and walk toward the open garage door of the warehouse. Take cover on the wall and you can see three Feng members sitting around a table inside the warehouse. Open fire on the men and the Wang members you are with will also. Once you clear the three men at the table wait for the second wave. Three more guys come in. They are shooting their MAC-10s so stay behind cover. Once you clear the second wave then continue into the warehouse. Move through the first room and approach the door that opens up to the larger room behind it. Get behind one of the crates and start shooting at the four guys inside that room. Once you clear them out move to another crate. If your Allies die during the mission it is alright. After a little bit of time 3 more men will enter the room and begin shooting. Kill them and continue towards the door they came from. Once you enter the office in the back you find the last remaining Feng he is unarmed and begs for his life. You can either kill him or let him go and choose to let him live. Its your choice. All that happens is that he will show up as a random character later. Leave the warehouse and Jack calls Jaerry to report his success. He then calls Greg and says he doesn't want to get involved in the Triad war. And just wants to do what he was sent here to do. But Greg insists that this is a great opportunity for the family to make some extra money and to keep the Wang's on their good side.

Sunday drive.

Giver: Jerry Han

Payout: $425

Return to Jerry's apartment and you find him in his garage working on his Blista compact. He tells Jack that the boss wants has heard of his handiness with a gun and driving skills and wants to meet him soon. But in the meantime Jerry needs you to kidnap a a guy named Miguel who owes money to the family and is unwilling to pay. He says that he is probably hiding out at his apartment in Doherty. He tells you to head on over there and bring him back to Jerry so he can try to get the money out of him. get the money out of him. So after the cut scene enter a vehicle or taxi and head to Miguels apartment on the west side of Doherty. When you arrive enter the building and walk to Miguel's apartment on the second floor of the building. step into the arrow outside of his door. Jack knocks on it and when Miguel answers he asks him about the money. Miguel runs away through his apartment. Chase him through to the door at the end of the central hallway and hop out onto the fire escape. Run down the stairs and Miguel hops on a motorcycle. There is a nearby Sultan in the parking lot. So hop in that quickly and give chase. Miguel winds through the streets and eventually crashes in Gant point. If you have been giving chase a short cut scene shows Jack putting the wounded Miguel into the trunk of the Sultan regardless if you took it or not. You are then instructed to drive back to Jerry's garage. So head back over there and pull into the arrow. Jerry takes him in and puts Miguel in the garage. This puts his missions on hold while he is "talking" with Miguel.

Eric Malley Strand

Dead money.

Giver: Eric Malley

Payout: $450

After you complete the brothers Steele you receive an opportunity to visit Eric Malley at his place in Garcia. Head on over there and when you do you find Eric inside on the phone. He wants to sell off some of the drugs he stole from the Albanians and has a potential buyer. He wants Jack to accompany him to the deal and they decide to head out. After the cut scene hop in any vehicle and drive to the location of the deal in an alleyway in Carbon heights located in south central San Fierro. follow the GPS route to the marker arrow at the entrance to the alleyway. Jack and Eric walk down the alleyway and meet two Mexican men in the alleyway. Eric and one of the guys talk for a few seconds and then three guys enter the scene and attack. Eric and Jack scramble to cover. Use any weapon you have to shoot out of cover at the attackers. Once you kill all three of them quickly grab the briefcase containing the money and you and Eric make a getaway to your car. You have a 2 star wanted level after the firefight and you must lose it. So evade the police and once you do Eric asks you to drive him home. do this and you complete the mission.

Rocket to Russia

Giver: Eric Malley

Payout: $500

Return to Eric's apartment in Garcia. Jack knocks on the door and Eric isn't home. Jack calls him on his phone and Eric says that he is at the apartment of Brian Williams. Someone who is going to help them get the drugs sold. Enter a vehicle and follow the GPS route north to the apartment along the water front. When you get there pull into the marker arrow. A cutscene shows Eric and Brian exiting the apartment. Brian tells Jack and Eric that the best buyer for their drugs will be the Russian mob. They will pay the best because they have the best connections to ship it overseas. Jack agrees and Brian says that he has already set up a buyer at Easter basin docks. Enter a vehicle and Eric and Brian will enter with you. Follow the GPS route to the warehouse in Easter Basin Pull into the Marker arrow and a cutscene shows Brian, Eric and Jack entering the warehouse. Inside we meet Andrei a Russian mob boss visiting San Fierro. He presents a suitcase full of cash and Eric presents the drugs. When they are about to make the exchange one of Andrei's men enters the warehouse and screams something. Andrei draws a gun and asks Brian if they were followed. He denies it and a group of BATE storm the warehouse. Jack takes cover behind a crate. Start firing at the group of cops. Once you gun them down Andrei leaves out the back door and Jack and Brian run toward the exit. Once you are outside take cover behind the nearby cop car. Shoot at the cops across the street and once it is clear quickly hop in a vehicle and burn rubber. Lose your 4 start wanted level as quickly as possible. This is significantly harder than any chase you have encountered so far. Once you lose the wanted level return Brian and Eric to Eric's apartment. Once you do the mission is complete.

Street cleaning.

Giver: Eric Malley

Payout: $250

This mission is not available until you have completed Jerry's mission Sunday Drive

After you return Eric to his apartment after the failed deal at the warehouse head back over there. Jack says he wants answers from Eric about what happened at the deal. He says he doesnt know what happened and that someone probobly snitched on them. Brian then comes out of the bathroom and sees Jack. Eric tells Jack that him and Brian think they may know a guy who could of tipped the cops off. Eric talked to him about the deal before they went and the guy is a known criminal so it possible that he tipped of the cops for protection from his crimes. He says he was only talking to him because he thought maybe he knew some people who wanted to buy some drugs. But he doesnt know where he lives and he only talked over the phone. Jack thinks this sounds suspicious but doesnt care and he wants answers. Brian tells Jack to use a cop computer to track him down. His name is Jesus Boroda. After the cutscene take out your cell phone and dial 911. When a cop shows up steal his car and evade the wanted level. Once you have lost the heat stop the car and bring up the computer. Go to criminal search and type in "Jesus Boroda" when the search is complete mark his location on the map and head over there. His apartment is in the far south of San Fierro in Foster. Once you have gotten there pull into the marker arrow in the parking lot of the apartment complex. A group of 3 Mexican men are seen standing around a car and Jack exits his vehicle and asks for Jesus' location. Thinking you are a cop one of the men flees. After the cutscene the other 2 men are shooting at you with pistols. Either take them out or just chase Jesus. You are instructed to not kill him as he runs to the back of the building and up the stairs. Once he is on top of the building he runs to the other side. He realizes that there is no where left to run and gives up. He pleads he has straightened his life out and doesnt want to be killed. Jack realizes that Jesus didnt tip of the cops by how he is begging for his life and claims he has changed. You can either execute him or leave him on the rooftop unharmed. Its your choice and if you let him go he will show up later in the game as a random character and offer a few missions but in the meantime your choice has no effect. Once you have made your choice the mission is complete. Jack calls Eric to report his findings.

Phone call: After this mission is complete Brian Williams calls you and tells you to give him a call if you ever want to hang out and do anything together. This opens up his friend activities.

This ends Eric Malley's missions for a while and Jack decides to go and see how far Jerry has gotten in his interrogation of Miguel.

Jerry Han Strand Cont...

Death of a salesman.

Giver: Jerry Han.

Payout: $150

After you complete Eric's mission "Street cleaning" Jerry's strand is re opened. When you arrive at his house Jack enters the garage and finds Miguel strapped to a chair. Jerry is also in there asking Miguel questions. Jerry tells Jack that Miguel is a drug addict who owes a huge sum of money to the Wang family. Miguel tells of his everyday dealer who operates in Hashbury. Which is located north west of Chinatown. He says that he could have up to $5000 on him at any given time. Jerry tells Jack to head over there and get his money from him. Hop in a vehicle and drive to the marked location in front of a barber shop in Hasbury. When you arrive a brief cutscene shows Eric pulling up by a man who appears to be a drug dealer by every indication. The man sees Jack driving by slowly and quickly runs to his car parked on the street not too far away. Give chase as the dealer drives west and will eventually arrive in Ocean Flats on the far side of San Fierro. he then drives south toward West San Fierro where your safehouse is. Chase him and when you get near open fire on his vehicle from yours and once his car catches fire he will bail out. Either run him over or gun him down. When he is dead approach his body and Jack searches it but only finds $150. He calls Jerry to report and he tells Jack just to keep the money for himself. And then tells him to head back to visit later.

Body packing.

Giver: Jerry Han

Payout: $1000

Head back over to Jerry's house and when you arrive you find out that Jerry has killed Miguel on accident. He says that the boss is going to be angry with him for not keeping him alive. Because not only does he have a debt to the family he is also a local member of the Cruz cartel. So they were going to use him to get information about the gang from him. He tells Jack that they should take Miguels body to a man who buys dead bodies located in Foster in the far south west of San Fierro. They will at least get some of the Debt Miguel owes back. Jack and Jerry load the body into the trunk of Jerry's Sultan and pull out of the garage. As you are driving toward the location a cop sees the blood dripping out of the trunk of the car and you get a 2 star wanted level. As you try to outrun the cops Jerry opens fire on them only making the situation worse much to Jack's dismay. Your level is elevated to a 4 star level. You must evade the cops before you get the body to the purchaser. So use the techniques you have learned so far to evade the police they are fairly hard to evade ona four star wanted level in the tight streets of San Fierro. But once you have evaded them head to the buyer in Foster. If you acquire a wanted level again along the way you must lose it. When you arrive at the buyer's apartment in Foster Jerry directs you around back. He gets out of the car and knocks on a back door. A man dressed in a bloody apron appears and takes the body out of the trunk. He pays you guys $3000 for the body. Jerry gives you $1000 for saving them from the cops and says he will meet you at the Boss' place in Chinatown two blocks east of Jerry's house. This places a W on the map for "Wang triad". He also says that if you ever want to hang out to just give him a call. This also unlocks Jerry's friend activities.

Text message: After the mission Greg texts you and tells you to meet him and Andy back at the house in West San Fierro. this puts the G&A back on the radar. The continuation of the G&A strand will be covered first.

Greg And Andy Steele cont...

Bad memories.

Giver: Greg and Andy Steele.

Payout: $200

Head over to you safehouse in West San Fierro. Start the mission and Jack finds Greg and Andy as well as Ernest sitting around a table in the backyard. Jack asks why Greg needed him and he tells Jack there has been a development in the case of their father' death. He says that Ernesto heard about rumors of the Feng triads putting a price on their dads life. The Steele's dad (revealed to be named Russell) as well as Jack had a price on their head because of the growth of the brother's drug business. So Jack made a good decision escaping town. Greg says that the Feng's have found out of Jack's return to the city because of his recent actions against them. SO they might be coming for him next. After the conversation Ernesto asks Jack to drive him home as he is drunk and doesn't want to crash. You and Ernesto get in his Manana parked out front. Follow the GPS route to Ernesto's house which is located a few blocks south of your current location. When you arrive at his house a carload of 4 Feng's pull up quickly. You and Ernest take cover behind the car. Pop out of cover to kill the four Feng's when you do kill all of them one more group of 4 arrive. Once you kill 3 of them the fourth will hop back in the car and try to get away. Hop in the Merit left behind by the Feng's and give chase to the fleeing gang member. Open fire on his car. When his car catches fire he bails out. Run him over and once you have killed him the mission is passed and Jack gives Greg a call explaining what just happened and telling him to watch his back. Greg tells Jack to come home to see them soon.

'Achievement unlocked (5G):' from bad to worse.

Text message: After jack calls Greg you receive a text from Brian Williams telling you about some street races that are going to be happening in San Fierro in the coming days and for you to give him a call when you are interested. You can now call Brian to start a street race.

In the name of my family

Giver: Greg and Andy Steele.

Payout: $100

Head back over to your childhood home and this is where Jack finds Greg sitting on the front porch. Greg tells him that he is growing scared because of the surprise attack from the Fengs. He tells Jack that things could go south quickly if they are not careful. Jack tells him that they should try to send a message to the Fengs not to mess with them. He has his eyes set on a Heroin house owned by the family in Ocean flats. Greg says he has an idea. After the cutscene hop in a four wheeled vehicle and wait for Greg to get in. Follow the GPS route to Ernesto's house. When you arrive you are instructed to drive the car into the garage. Ernesto fits the car with a bomb and after you are done you are instructed to head over to the Feng's drug house. Follow the route to the house in Ocean flats and when you arrive pull the car into the open garage that is located under the house. Leave the house and follow Greg to the safe spot across the street. Pull up your phone and select Greg's contact. Select the option "Bomb" and when you call it the bomb explodes and destroys the house. Many Fengs survive and exit the house. Kill the 5 Fengs that have escaped the house. When you have killed them a group of 4 are seen pulling out from the backyard in a Merit. Hop in the nearby Ballista and wait for Greg to get in. Give chase to the Fengs. Greg will open up on the car with his Tec-9 and you can shoot it too. You must damage the car enough to get the Fengs to bail and when they do kill them all. After they are dead follow the GPS route back home and drop Greg off. He says this should send a message to them.

Phone call: Ernesto calls you and tells you to come by the house and see him. This puts a red "EC" on the map. The G&A icon dissapears from the map.

A night out

Giver: Andy Steele

Payout: Jessica Hanson as a girlfriend.

A little while after you compete "In the name of my family" Andy Steele will give you a call that starts this mission. He tells Jack that you should take a night to relax and go out. He tells you he knows a girl who lives in Ocean flats who would love to go out with you. Jack agrees but first he has to get a haircut. After the call follow the icon to the barber in West San Fierro a few blocks from the childhood home. Enter the building and take a seat in the chair. Select one of the haircuts from the list and get it. The barber knows Jack from when he was a kid so he gives him this cut on the house. After you get the cut leave the barber shop and head over to Jessica's house in Ocean flats. Pull into the marker arrow and it shows Jack knocking on the door. She has been expecting him and they decide to leave. From here you can decide what to do. You can do any of the activities on the map such as eating, drinking, bowling etc. All you have to do is complete one of these activities and return Jessica home. It doesn't matter what activity you do the date will end positively no mater what. Jack takes her number and you can now call her up for dates whenever you feel like it.

Completion of this mission pauses the G&A strand for now. You have the Ernesto and Steven Wang strand available. I will cover the Steven Wang strand for now.

Steven Wang Strand


Giver: Steven Wang

Payout: $500

Head on over to Steven Wang's place on the Eastern edge of Chinatown. Jack encounters two bodyguards at the door who wont let him in at first but after Jerry sees Jack he tells the guards to let him in. Jerry leads him upstairs to talk to the boss. jack sits down in front of his desk and the boss tells Jack that he has heard of his abilities with a gun as well as his driving abilities. He tells Jack there is a job he wants him to do for the family that will pay $500. Jack agrees and Steven tells him that he suspects there is a snitch in the family who is talking to the feds. He tells Jack to tail him and if he does meet with anyone suspicious to take a picture on his phone and send it to Jerry. He shows you a picture of what he looks like and that he lives in an apartment a couple blocks away. Hop in a vehicle and drive to the apartment north of your location. When you arrive you see the man who was in the photo getting into a car. Follow him as he drives west but maintain a good distance so he doesn't spot you tailing him. San Fierro is a busy city so you can get fairly close but if you tailgate him too closely for too long he will notice. Eventually he will arrive at a F.A.R.T station in Gant point. Exit your vehicle and follow him in to the station. He walks down the stairs and buys a ticket. Approach the turn-style and buy a ticket for $5. Follow the man as he walks further down and eventually steps foot on the platform. He stands and waits for the train to come. Wait on the platform as well and when the train comes he gets on. Follow him onto the train and Jack will take a seat and the camera switches to a cinematic camera. The train runs to the station at San Fierro international airport. This is where he gets off. Jack automatically leaves the train. Follow him as he walks back up the stairs and when he passes through the turn-style he goes down a tunnel that leads to a parking garage. Keep a good distance and when he gets to the parking garage he is seen meeting two men in a Jet black Buffalo. Take out your phone and snap a picture of the meeting. After you have a good picture Jack sends it to Jerry's phone. This ends the mission and the snitch gets into the black car and drives off. You can either get back on the train or go up the ramp to the street.

Shoot the Snitch

Giver: Steven Wang

Payout: $900

Head back over to Steven's house in Chinatown. There you find Steven along with a new person. A black corrupt cop named Brady Keith. He has gathered the information regarding the Snitch's location in the witness protection program. He says that he is being housed in a house in Rancho Rincon. Steven wants you to go over and deal with him before he turns over evidence to the state by testifying in court. Hop in a vehicle and follow the GPS route to the house. When you arrive Jack exits his vehicle and walks on foot. He sees the house and takes cover behind a car. There are 2 cops standing near a Buffalo in the driveway. Once you regain control of Jack take out the cops out front. Leave your cover and when you reach the driveway two more cops exit the house. Take them out before they do too much damage. Then go up the stairs and into the house. Take cover on the nearby wall and shoot the 2 cops as they come down the stairs at the end of the hall. After you do that continue down the hall and up the stairs. Turn around and take out the cop in the corner of the landing. Continue down the hall and into the bedroom. The room is empty but Jack hears something coming from the closet. He shoots through the door and the body of the snitch falls out. You must escape the house after you kill the snitch. You can either fight your way back down our climb out the side window into the alley. You will fall and lose a little health but you dont have to fight through all of the cops storming the house. Once you are outside the house get into a vehicle and drive to lose your 4 star wanted level. Once you lose it Jack calls Steven and reports his success. he tells you to meet him at the "China King restaurant" in Chinatown.

All the King's men.

Giver: Steven Wang

Payout: $950

Head over to the large ornate restaurant in Chinatown. Jack approaches the door and the guards let him in and tell him the boss is upstairs. Jack goes upstairs and finds Steven, Jerry and Brady sitting at a table in the corner. Jack take s a seat and Steven tells Jack that the a local biker game known as the Angels of death have been becoming more aggressive in the criminal landscape recently and they are now angered since one of their men was killed by a Wang triad. As they are talking a man runs up from downstairs and warns of an AOD attack. He says they are attacking from both the front and the back. Brady goes to fight them off in the front and Jack, Jerry and Steven will escape through the back. Follow Jerry and Steven when they go across the bridge that goes over the main floor. Brady is fighting off the AOD who are coming in the front so just follow Jerry as he walks to the other side. Head into the kitchen and take cover along the counter. Take out the 3 AOD who are inside the kitchen. Once you have taken them out move up to the row of ovens in front of you. Take out the 2 AOD who enter the kitchen and then continue to the door. Once you are on the balcony kill the AOD who are in the parking lot below. There are 7 of them. Once you have killed them head down stairs and Jerry and Steven hop into his Presidente. Jerry gets into the passenger seat and Steven climbs into the back seat. He tells you to go to his low lying house in Outer Garcia. Two bikes of AOD pursue you and you must either lose them or kill them before you go to the house. They are hard to lose because their motorcycles are faster than your car. So the easiest way would be to kill them. Once they are dead follow the GPS route to the house in Outer Mission. When you arrive you drop Steven off and he tells you to come back. This places the "W" on the house.

Returning the favor

Giver: Steven Wang

Payout: $950

This mission is not available until you complete the mission "A night out"

Go back to Steven's house in Outer Garcia. When you arrive Jack finds Steven being patched up from the minor injuries he received during the gun fight. He tells Jack that the Angels of death are not going to get off easy for what they did. If they want war they got war. He tells Jack to head over to their clubhouse with a few of his men and take them all out. You Jerry and two other Wang thugs hop in a four door car. Drive over to the AOD clubhouse in Doherty. When you arrive you and the men exit the car and take cover behind it. Pull out a weapon and shoot the 3 AOD standing in front of the clubhouse. Once you do 5 more will pour out of the front door. Kill them and then continue around to the back door. Take out the 4 back there and enter the back door. Once you are inside the clubhouse you are in a community room with a pool table and TV in it. Head through the door and into the hall. Shoot the lone AOD who is at the end of the hall and then follow the hallway. Head up the stairs and kill the 3 up there. Jerry says that their leader isn't here and must of escaped. You have killed all of the AOD in the clubhouse but more might be coming soon. So quickly leave the building and once you are outside two more ride up on their bikes. Jerry asks you to take him and the other guys to his house in Chinatown. Take out the 2 bikes of AOD if you didn't kill them before you got in the vehicle. Once you are in a vehicle head to Jerry's house and drop him off. He tells you that things just keep getting more violent. This puts the Wang triad strand on hold.

Radio report: After this mission you hear a special radio report about the rise of gang wars in the city. Talking about the destruction of the Feng's drug house and the attack on the clubhouse.

Ernesto Cortez Strand

Powder raid

Giver: Ernesto Cortez

Payout: $1000

After Ernesto calls you following the "In the name of my family" and invites you over. Jack heads over and finds him in the garage working on his car. He sees Jack and tells him that he has received word of some coke that is being held by the Russian mafia at a motel room in Little Moscow. He says that Eric's attempt at selling his drugs is futile and that he never will. So he tells Jack that this is a better option for Jack in order to get some product to help set up Tommy's operations here. He says the deal is 60/40. Jack and Tommy will get 60% of the profits and Ernesto will get 40% He says its a major load and should bring in alot of cash if they can secure a buyer. Ernesto is looking to the Cruz cartel that operates out of Ridgemont. After the cutscene get in a vehicle and follow the GPS route to the motel in Little Moscow. When you arrive Jack parks in the parking lot and watches two Russians heading upstairs and into a room. One of the Russians he recognizes as one he saw at the botched deal in Easter Basin. Take control of Jack and exit the vehicle. Walk around to the back of the hotel and you see two Russians standing around having a smoke. You must engage in a fist fight with them and nor shoot them. It will alert the ones upstairs. So use melee to kill them. One has a knife so you can use the disarm maneuver to take it and use it against them. Once you have killed them your instructed to climb the ladder to the fire escape to the second floor. Once you are there approach the window and Jack take cover along the wall and sees three Russians inside the room. Pull out and automatic weapon and kill the quickly. They ar surprised by your attack and one takes cover behind the bed. He pops to shoot so use that opportunity to kill him. Jack enters the room and finds a large duffel bag filled with coke and puts it over his shoulder. As he exits the room through the front door he is seen by a car load of Russians and they start shooting. Either run back into the room and escape through the fire escape or take cover along the low wall and take out the Russians and leave through the front. If you go through the back once you get into the alley you are attacked by 2 of them. Take cover behind the dumpster and take them out. The easiest way is to climb over the low wall to the other side of this wide alley. go in between the two buildings off to your right and once you are on the street get into a car. If you went out the front way you would simply have to kill all the Russians and get into a car. Either way once you are inside a vehicle Jack calls Ernesto and asks him where to take the coke. He tells him to go to a lockup in Queens. Follow the GPS route there and pull into the marker arrow in front of a garage. Ernesto opens the garage and meets Jack. He puts the bag of drugs on a table in the back and closes the garage. He tells you to come see him back at his house and drives off.

Pigs on parade

Giver: Ernesto Cortez

Payout: $975

Head back over to Ernesto's house and Jack finds him on his front porch talking on his cell phone. He hangs up and tells Jack that the owner of the storage facility found the drugs and called the cops. One of his friends is there watching right now and just called him. He wants you to go over there and make sure they dont leave with the drugs. Hop in a vehicle and drive to the indicated location. It is across the street from the lockup and Jack finds Ernesto's friend hiding behind a car watching the cops inspect the bag. Jack says they have to get it back. Ernesto's friend (Who is named Armando) hands jack a silenced pistol that replaces his current pistol. He says they are going to tail the cops to the station and get the drugs back there. The cars leave the are and you and Armando hop in the car and follow them dont get to close or they will know you are following them. They drive to the police headquarters in the Financial and pull around back ad one parks in the front. You and Armando exit the car and sneak around to the back. The two cops exit the car and head to the trunk. Use your silenced pistol to kill both cops. You receive a 3 star wanted level so quickly go to the trunk and grab the bag of drugs. Hop in the car and lose the police. Once you have lost them Armando tells you to head back to Ernesto's so drive to his house and pull into the marker arrow. You and Armando enter the house and give the drugs to Ernesto. He says that they are better being stored here.

Phone Call: After this mission you receive a call that shows up as "Tommy" (Which was previously not in your contact list) It is Tommy Vercetti and he asks Jack how things are going there. He says that he has gotten some coke and has some connections to the organized crime network now. Tommy is happy with Jack's progress and says he is planning a trip there to see you in person.

Ernesto's adventures

Giver: Ernesto Cortez

Payout: $925

When you return to Ernesto's house you find out he is no where to be found. Armando says that Ernesto is nowhere to be found and is not answering his phone. Jack says they need to find him and he leaves the house. When you regain control of Jack after him and Armando leave the house you receive a text from Ernesto saying that he has been kidnapped and is being held at the Easter Basin docks. Hop in Ernesto's Manana with Armando and head to the Easter Basin docks. Pull into the arrow next to the warehouse closest to the water. When you pull into the marker you and Armando are ambushed by three carloads of Russians who are pinning you to the warehouse wall. Slam on the gas and plow through the car in front of you. Exit your vehicle and take cover behind it. Pull out a weapon and kill the Russians. There are 10 of them. Armando helps you out in the fight, once you have wasted them all another car pulls out of another warehouse and Ernesto is seen screaming from the back seat before he is pistol whipped over the head by a Russian. Quickly hop in one of the Russian gangster's Oracle's as they are faster than the Manana. Give chase to the car as it leaves the docks area and heads north.You can not shoot at the car for fear of injuring Ernesto so you are instructed to run it off the road. It is moving quickly and skillfully through the dense traffic so it is hard to keep up with. If you have not damaged it to the point where the Russians abandon it before they reach the Tram station in the Financial district the Russians leave the car and hijack a Tram. Chase the tram as it moves through the streets along the Trolley line. You and Armando must kill all 3 Russians on the train through shooting but if you are not careful you could kill Ernesto who is lying on the floor of the Tram. Once all 3 of the Russians are killed the Tram grinds to a stop and you and Armando rescue Ernesto. Armando tells you to take them to the hospital in Mercer Square. So follow the GPS route to the medical center near Mercer square's border with Cole Valley. Pull into the marker arrow at the main entrance and Armando and Ernesto are dropped off. Ernesto tells you the Russians stole his phone and sent you the text to lure you to your death. They knew you were the one who stole the Coke.

Note: Ernesto's friend activities will be paused until after he is released from the hospital.

Phone call: Not long after you complete this mission or the last Wang mission (If you completed these first) Greg will call you and tell you he is worried about Andy. He hasn't come home for a couple days and isn't answering his phone. This automatically starts the next mission.

Note: After you reach a point where you have only one mission remaining Andy's friend activities will be disabled and it will just go to voice mail if you call him.

Greg and Andy Steele cont...

Playing big brother

Giver: Greg Steele

Payout: None

After you have completed both the Wang strand and the Ernesto strand Greg will call you worried about Andy. He hasn't been answering his phone and Greg is worried about him. He tells you to pick him up by the barber shop near your house. After you have picked up Greg he tells you that the last time he saw Andy he was going to go and hang out with Eric. So follow the GPS route to Eric's house in Garcia. When you arrive you find Eric inside working on a car. He sees Jack and tells him he is glad to see him. But Jack isn't as friendly and threatens violence if Eric doesn't reveal Andy's location. When Eric says he has no idea what he is talking about Jack becomes violent and grabs Eric and throws him against his car. He says that he really doesn't know where he is and the last time he checked he was going to meet someone in Hashbury. He says he said something about Burger shot. Hop back in your vehicle with Greg and drive to the Burger shot in Hashbury. When you arrive you find the alleyway behind it empty. Jack says he is afraid of what will happen if they cant find him. Just then Andy calls you frantically saying he is being attacked in an alleyway in Queens. Follow the GPS route to his location. Once you arrive Jack and Greg exit the car and run down the alley. They find Andy rolling around on the ground in the alleyway with no one around him. Jack tells him to get up and when he realizes they are there he thanks them for saving him. He is obviously not right. He says he was being jumped by a gang when there is clearly no body around. Jack looks at him and sees that he is on some kind of drug. He asks whats going on and Andy says that he has been taking Meth lately. He says its "The best thing ever" and then thanks you again for saving him from the gang that jumped him. You and Greg load him into a car. After the cutscene drive to your house in West San Fierro. When you arrive Jack drops Greg and Andy off and he tells Greg to get Andy off the drugs and to not let him out of the house. After you finish the mission the G&A appears back on the map at the house.

Note: After this mission Andy's friend activities remain unavailable until after you get to Ridgemont in the coming missions.

Relentless revenge

Giver: Greg and Andy Steele

Payout: $500

After you find Andy and return him home the mission marker reappears. Jack returns home and finds Greg and Andy in the living room with Andy lying on the couch and your mom Susan caring for him. Greg tells you to head out to the driveway. He tells you that Andy has been on the drugs for a while now and this was a serious OD. He admitted that he got the drugs from a dealer in Hashbury who operates from the Burger shot there. Where you went but didn't find anything. Jack says he wants to go over there and mess with the dealer but Greg says he should be careful. Jack ignores him and decides to go anyways. After the cutscene Get in the Blista Compact in the driveway that has always been there indicating that it is Greg's. Drive to the Burger shot in Hashbury where you went in the last mission. When you arrive Jack pulls around back and sees the dealer in the back alley selling to some customers. He grabs a bat out of the back seat and exits the car. Approach the dealer and start beating him with the bat. The customers run away screaming. You cant kill the dealer or shoot him. Only beat him with the bat because Jack wants to teach the most painful lesson to the dealer. After his health has been reduced to one bar he falls to the ground and says that he is sorry for selling to your brother. He says he is just trying to support his kids and family by selling drugs and didn't mean no harm. After hearing his story you can either pull out a gun and kill him execution style if you are using a pistol. Or you can leave and let him live. After you have dealt with the dealer the way you see fit the mission is finished.

Optional Achievement (10G): Forgiveness is... If you call an ambulance for the dealer before you leave the area. The description would just say "Saved the Drug Dealer's life" And there are no specific instructions. Its just something you would stumble upon if you take the most honorable route.

One Night in San Fierro...

Giver: Greg and Andy Steele.

Payout: Springfield rifle.

Head back to your house. When you arrive Greg tells you that he is growing more scared of the Fang triads and their intent to kill you and the rest of the family. He says that they have yet to find out where you live and he doesn't want them to find out or else they would harm your mom. So he knows a man who will feed the Fengs false information on your whereabouts so they will be thrown off on the search. But the man demands payment so you and Greg have to go and meet him up at a space below the Garver bridge in the Financial district. After the cutscene get into Greg's Blista Compact and follow the GPS route to the secluded alleyway beneath the Garver bridge in the Financial. to get there you will have to get to the alleyway that runs in between the buildings the bridge runs over before it crosses the bay. The area is a lot hidden from view by the road and directly under the bridge surrounded by buildings. Pull into the marker arrow in the middle of the lot and a previously unseen man exits a vehicle on the other side of the lot and comes to Greg's passenger side window. As they begin to discuss payment a carload of Fengs pull up into the lot and open fire. Jack, Greg and the man hide behind the car. Open fire on the men in the car and once you have killed all four of them 5 more appear in the windows of the building across the lot. The man scrambles over to his car and grabs a Springfield out of the trunk. He calls you over to his car. So make a mad dash across the 20 foot gap between you car and his and try not to get hit by the bullets. He says you are probably a better shot than him and hands you the rifle. Once you have it zoom in on the building and start to pick off the shooters. Once you have killed them all a sniper appears in the window of another building and shoots Greg in the neck. After he does kill the shooter. Jack and the man run over to the car and find that he has already died. Jack is filled with anger and even begins to cry. But the man says they better get out of here and let the police handle the body. You will be able to get it at the coroners office later. So you and the man hop back in Greg's Blista compact and the man tells you he knows somewhere to go in Ridgemont. Follow the GPS route as it leads you onto the Garver Bridge and across the bay. As you are crossing the bridge he says that his name is Packie McReary and he moved here from Liberty City a couple years ago. He says that he moved in with his cousin named James McReary in Ridgemont and that is where you are going. When you arrive at the house in Creekfield village in eastern Ridgemont you drop Packie off and he tells you to stay at an apartment he has been renting down the street. So drive there and when you arrive Jack goes up stairs and screams in anger. He sits at the table and throws a glass against the wall and calls his mom on his phone as he weeps. He tells them what happened to Greg and tell them to go to the Morgue and claim his body. He says that he is fine and has a place to stay. Your mom tells you to get some sleep and she will call you when she has the body. The game then prompts you to save your game at the bed in the bedroom. So go in there and save the game and Jack will go to sleep. When you wake up the next morning a "P" appears on the radar at the house you dropped Packie off at.

Note: After you complete this mission the next time you get into a vehicle you will hear a report on the radio saying the earthquake threat on the bay are has been lifted and all the bridges are now open. The entire map is now accessible and the F.A.R.T runs the whole route and Taxis can now take you to the other areas.

Safehouse unlocked: Packie's apartment.

Achievement Unlocked (5G): Rock Bottom

Packie McReary Strand

The Unlucky Irish

Giver: Packie

Payout: $1200

After you take a nap and save your game at Packie's apartment head down the street to the "P" marker. Jack approaches the front porch and expresses anger toward Packie. He blames him for letting his brother die. He says that the Fengs followed him to the meet and he should of been more careful. Packie says that he had no idea that he was followed or even how they even knew he was going to meet you and Greg. You two go inside and meet Packie's cousin James McReary. He is the head of the local Irish mob and tells Jack he is sorry for what happened to his brother. Jack says that his mom and his brother are going to go Downtown and claim the body and that he expects there to be a funeral sometime soon. Packie says that if there is a funeral he will attend out of respect towards Greg. James then says that he has some business to attend to and asks Jack if he can help him. He says it will just be an easy drive along the coast and will help take his mind off of the situation. He wants you and Packie to drive to a house in North bay and get some money for him. He says it shouldn't be much of a problem. After the cutscene hop in Jame's Sultan with Packie and follow the GPS route that leads into the hills north of Ridgemont. The route leads you into the North Bay area. Keep driving until you reach the large house all the way at the end near the entrance to the Gant bridge. Pull into the driveway and you and Packie approach the front door and find a box sitting on the doorstep. Packie takes it and you get back in the car. After you have the package Packie tells you they need to drop it off at a barber shop in Queens San Fierro. So follow the GPS route across the Gant bridge and into San Fierro. The toll on the Gant bridge is $5 and if you crash through the gate you incur a one star wanted level. Once you arrive at the drop you are ambushed by the Fengs. Jack is frustrated once again. Kill the Feng attackers. There are 3 of them. Once they are dead you have a 2 star wanted level. Flee the wanted level and take Packie back to his cousin's house in Ridgemont.

Andy Steele

In Mourning.

Giver: Andy Steele

Payout: None.

After you complete the first Packie mission your brother calls you and says they are ready for Greg's funeral. You must go to Packie's apartment and put on the suit in the closet. After you put on the suit head to Packie's cousin's house and pick him up. Drive to the church located in Cole valley in San Fierro. Along the way Packie says that he went to a funeral a couple years ago that didn't end too well. When you arrive people are seen entering the church and you emerge 2 game hours later. You, Andy, Ernesto and Packie are the carrying the casket. You put it in the back of the Romero and just as you are about to get in a car load of Fengs arrive. Take cover behind the hearse and take out the Attackers. After you do Packie says that he sees some coming up from behind the church. Head over there and kill the 5 Fengs coming up the side alley. Hop in the Romero and drive to the Cemetery in the Brazil district in South East San Fierro. When you arrive two carloads of Fengs are waiting at the entrance. Exit the car and take them out. Drive through the cars blocking the entrance and approach the grave. Jack bids farewell to his brother and Packie says that this funeral worked out the same way his brothers did a couple years ago. Packie heads home and tells to come by his cousin's soon.

Notes: Ernesto's friend activities are reopened after this mission.

Packie Strand Cont..

Opening old wounds

Giver: Packie

Payout: $950

Jack returns to Packie's place and he says he is sorry about what happened at the funeral and that they are lucky they came out alive. His cousin appears and asks Jack if he is willing to do some work for him from now on. Make some money and help out his family. He says that he is willing to. James tells him and Packie that a guy from the Marino crime family they have been hunting for a while is going to be arriving at the San Fierro airport later today. jack says he dealt with the Marinos when he was in Vice City. And that he was once sent to kill a guy named Vito but failed and he got away. James says that's the guy. Jack and Packie head out to go to the airport. Hop in a vehicle and follow the GPS route to the entrance of the cargo bay of the San Fierro airport. You and Packie sneak in undetected and you don't get the wanted level. Packie says that Vito is going to be landing in a private helicopter near their location. He says that he will be heavily guarded and they will need to take out all of his guards as well. You and Packie take cover behind a shipping container as the helicopter is beginning to land. guards are spread among the shipping containers. Right before the helicopter lands you and Packie hands you a silenced pistol. Kill the 5 guards with the pistol so you don't alert the others. When the helicopter lands Vito and 3 guards exit. Open fire on the group and 2 return fire. Vito and the last guard make a dash to the car parked not too far away. Kill them before they reach the car. If they do reach the car you will have to chase them and destroy the car. But either way once all of the targets are dead you and Packie get a 3 star wanted level. Enter a car with Packie and lose the cops. If Packie dies you fail. Once you have lost the cops drive back to James' house and drop Packie off. He says that his cousin will be grateful for Jack's assistance.

Phone Call: After this mission James calls you and tells you about a local fixer who organizes Hitmen for organized crime. He told him about your handy work with a gun and gave him your number. He says that he will give you a call if he has a job for you.

Man of action

Giver: Packie

Payout: $1200

Return to James' house. He tells you that the Marinos are not happy about the death of Vito. But no one saw what happened so they are safe for now. But he says that there are still some things that need to be attended to. He says that one of their men has been kidnapped by the Marinos and is being held in an abandoned apartment building near the port. They don't know exactly why he has been kidnapped but he needs to be rescued before he says something. Packie will go with to help out. He doesn't expect things to go easy. Head on over to the old derelict apartment block near the port of Ridgemont. When you arrive Packie says that they should go around back and fight there way up to find him. He believes that they want to keep him alive so they wont kill him until the last moment. Follow Packie as he heads down the alleyway and around to the back door of the 3 story building. You and him enter the door and hear screaming coming from the upper floors. Kill the man coming down the stairs before he sees you. If you use your silenced pistol it doesnt alert the others unless he sees you and manages to yell or fire a shot. Head up the stairs and on the second floor there are 3 more Marinos. Kill as many as you can before you are seen. The floor is almost gutted except for a few standing walls. And most walls are just shells. There is various furniture spread about the area. Take cover behind anything solid and kill the Mobsters. After you kill the first three 2 more will appear. Take them out and Packie heads upstairs. Follow him up and get behind the overturned table at the top of the stairs. the screaming is heard from the back of the floor. Take out the 5 Marinos and move closer to the back. 2 more appear from the back room and after you take them out move into the back room. A man is seen tied to a chair and he is shot in the head by a mobster. Packie kills him and cars are heard speeding up and car doors slamming. You and Packie get ready to fight out. You start behind a sofa in the main area. Kill the three mobsters who come up the stairs. Move towards the stairs and head down. Get behind something and take out the 5 mobsters on the second floor. You will have to move around to different points of cover to get angles to take them out. After you do head to the main floor. Exit the building and get in a car with Packie. Another car of Marinos appears and pursues you. Destroy the car or lose them. After they are dealt with return Packie to James' house. Packie says that something is going on. Maybe they do know that they were the ones who killed Vito.

Eric Malley strand cont..

Drop N' Go

Giver: Eric

Payout: $1900

Not long after you complete Man of action and befor the next Packie mission is unlocked you recieve a call from Eric. He says that he has found a buyer for his drugs. And that jack would get a good cut of the money if he comes to the deal to work security. Jack says that he will come and that it bteer not get messed up. Theyve already had too many screw ups and the next time could be their last. Eric assures him that the deal is secure and nothing bad is going to happen. Follow the GPS route to pick up Eric and Brian at Eric's apartment in Garcia. Once you have them Eric tells you the deal is going to go down at an old car dealer in Ridgemont. Follow the GPS route to the location of the car dealer located in East Ridgemont. Eric says that he is hooking this deal up with Cruz cartel. A local street gang that has been pushing drugs big time latley. And are willing to pay top dollar for Eric's product. When you arrive Eric tells you that Brian is going to wait outside as a get away car in the rare event something happens and that him and Jack are going in. The car is parked across the street on the South Side of the boarded up dealership. Follow Eric as he walks around into the building. On the inside are the remains of an old repair garage and a stair case leading down. Downstairs You and Eric find the two represenatives of the Cruz cartel. The deal runs smoothly as eric and the Cruz buyers discuss the price. He shows the merchandise and they agree on a price. As they do the sound cops coming down the stairs can be heard. Eric freaks out and the Cruz members make a break through a back stair case and the door is locked behind them. Jack freaks out at Eric about the deal being sobotaged. Eric tells Jack to not be so negative. They already have their money. You and him take cover on the support pillars in the basement. You are facing the door way. Take down the cops as they make their way down the stairs. Once you take out the first group of three Eric says it should be dafe to move up and runs to the door carrying the duffel bag of money. Take cover by the door and aim up the stairs. Two more line up to go down the stiars. Take them out and go upstairs. You and Eric take cover along the tool boxes that face toward the garage doors. They open and a group of 5 BATE enter the building. Stay in cover and pick them off. There are standard police shooting from behind their squad cars parked in the doorway. Move toward the door on your right and exit the building. Take cover behind the car shells in the back lot of the building. You are on the north side of the building. So fight down the alley between the stone wall and the building. Keep in cover and take out the attacking police. Once you reach the front lot Brian quickly pulls up along side you. You and Eric hop in the car and the police fire at you. Brian's hand is hit by a bullet and cant drive. You take control of the vehicle with a 4 star wanted level. You must evade the wanted level before you can continue. So lose the cops by any means necessary and once you do Eric tells you to take him to their safehouse they have set up in South San Fierro. Drive down that way and once you arrive at the small house in the western portion of the South Beach district Eric and Brian exit the car. He gives you a cut and says he will heal Brian's hand. Jack is still angry about the cops and wants to know who tipped them off. Eric says that he has an idea that it was the Feng family. They are at war with the Cruz cartel over control of the local drug markets. Jack says he will look into it.

Phone Call: After this mission you get a call from an unknown caller. He says that he has some information on your father and wants to meet you at Woody's strip club in Creekfield Village. Jack tries to ask who it is but he gets no response and the line goes cold. A question mark is placed on the club. The Packie strand is also reopened and that will be covered first.

Packie Strand Cont...

Playing Dirty

Payout: $1100

Return to Jame's house after the affair with Eric. Jack finds James, Packie and some other Irish mobsters drinking around Jame's table. Packie tells Jack that the Marino family has continued their agression. Jack takes a moment to complain about how he feels like he's fighting a million enemies at once. Hes got the Fengs triads, The Angels of death, The Albanians and now the Marinos. Packie says that he really wants Jack to help out with the Marinos. If he can help the Irish mob topple them it would help out with clearing some space and room for Tommy. Jack agrees and Packie says he wants to head over to the Marino's favorite bar and talk peace. Hop in the Sentinel outside and wait for Packie. Follow the GPS route to the bar in Upton known as "Vesuvius" when you arrive Packie and Jack try to enter. They have their weapons checked at the door and Packie has his pistol taken away. Jack and Packie walk toward the back of the Bar and sit down at a table. The man at the table says that hes been expecting them. Packie says that he wants to get the info he can for and leave. Jack is a little confused and wants to know whats going on. The man tells him that the Marinos have been having trouble with the Angels of Death latley. And the boss percieves them as a bigger threat than the Irish mob and believes that the two organizations can exist peacefully if they give it a chance. The man wants you and Packie to get some of your Irish buddies and head over to an AOD held diner in San Fierro. Destroy the building and take out as many as you can. He said that should help send a message to the AOD. After the cutscene hop back in your vehicle and follow the GPS route to the alleyway in MacArthur. You and Packie climb into a white van loaded with Irish mobsters and put on Ski masks. Follow the GPS route across the bay to the diner in Doherty. When you arrive pull into the marker arrow at the front gate of the parking lot. A cutscene shows the van driving into the parking lot and as they do two AOD members are shown closing the gate. More stream out of the diner and Packie and Jack scream of a set up. Jack tries to slam the van in reverse but a car cuts in behind the van and the van collides witth the car. Jack and Packie hop out of the van. You are behind the van with about 6 AOD members shotting at you. Using cars in the parking lot as cover. Take out the Angels and a large black van crashes through the gate carrying more. Once you and Packie take them out you see a high ranking member of the AOD fleeing on a motorcycle. You, Packie and the guys from the van hop on bikes from the parking lot to give chase. Chase the target as he rides through San Fierro And eventually across the Garver bridge in to Ridgemont. The is faster and more skilled on the bike then you but if you keep as close as possible and take shots at him when you have an angle you should eventually knock him off the bike. Once you have killed him Jack calls the Marino represenative on his phone. He claims that his organization did not set you up. But they have a lead on someone who may have done it. And they can capture the man if they like. Jack is afraid its just a lie but Packie tells him to go ahead and have the man captured and to drop him behinf the Fierro Freight owned warehouse in Easter Basin and to call them when hes ready. The Marino says he will see what hye can do. Hop ina vehicle and drive Packie back to Jame's house. He says that if their man turns up in a couple days they will go and see whats going on. But if he doesnt they will have to take action against the Marinos. He tells you to just hangout until then. Jack calls Steven Wang and asks how things are going over there with the Fengs and if there are any more developments on getting the price on his head removed. Steven tells him to come over and visit so they can talk in private. This puts the W back on the map at Steven Wang's place in Chinatown. The next mission in the Packie strand will be covered next though.

Caught in a vice

Payout: None

About 1 to 2 game days after you complete "Playing dirty" you recieve a call from Packie saying that the Marinos have captured the rat and dropped him behind the warehouse in Esater Basin. He asks you to pick him up at his cousins house. Head on over to James' house and pick up Packie from the front porch. Follow the GPS route across the bay to San Fierro and to the warehouse in Easter Basin. Once you pull around to the back of the warehouse facing the bay Packie and Jack exit the car. They see a hogtied man with a bag over his head. Jack takes the bag off and it is revealed to be Eric Malley. Jack asks how he ended up here and Eric confeses. He says he knows that he was brought here by the Marinos for ratting you out to the Angels Of Death. He sais that the AOD appraoched him offering protection from the Albanians he had stolen the drugs from if he could lead them to Jack. He heard the word around town that the Irish mob and the Marinos were going to meet at the bar and hired an AOD member to sit in the bar and listen in on the meeting and he then called the AOD to alert them that you were coming. When the hired listener heard that you and Packie espaced from the trap he told the man from the bar and then he was captured. He begs your forgivness and asks for you to not kill him. You have the choice of executing him or approaching him and pressing an onscreen button to cut him free. If you choose to cut him free Eric thanks you and says hes going to flee the country. He runs away around the corner of the warehouse never to be seen or heard from again. If you choose kill him Packie says that he got what he deserved. No matter what you do Packie asks you to bring him back to his cousins. So hop back in your vehicle and drive back to James' house. Jack drops Packie off and is told that the Marinos are not considred a threat now but they should still keep an eye on them. He tells you he will give you a call soon and tells you to not get yourself into much trouble before then. The Mystery man mission will be covered now before the continuation of the Wang strand.

Mystery caller strand....

From Fierro with love

Payout: None

After you complete Drop N' Go you recive a call from an unknown man who directs you to Woddy's strip club in Creekfield village. When you arrive step into the marker arrow near the main enterance. Jack enter the club and looks around. A man is seen standing up from a table and walking over to meet him. He tells him that someone who wants to speak with him has left a message for him in the bathroom under the toilet in the 3rd stall. Jack goes to the bathroom and looks in the stall. He finds the note. It says that he knows information on who pulled the trigger on your dad. He tells you that if you want to learn more you have to do a job for him. He wants you to head over to the port of Ridgemont and steal a nuclear submarine launch key from the Albanian mobsters. He says that it is kept in a large silver briefcase and is being held at the shipping warehouse owned by the family. After Jack reads the note he dismisses it as bull. But when he steps out of the stall he bumps into a man wearing a long black trench coat. He introduces himslef as Larry Brookings of the F.I.B. he says that he has been tracking the Albanians who stole the launch key from a submarine when it was docked in Croatia a couple years ago. He has tracked them all the way to the baya re and says he doesnt know exactly what they want with the key if they have no submarine to launch missles from and what they would even do with the missiles. Jack tells the man just to tell him about his fathers death. But Brookings tells him that he cant. Hes obligated by his agency to get the key back but cant do it himself and no one else will listen to him. He says that both of you can benefit if you can get the key back. He says it shouldnt be too difficult if he goes at night when most of the Albanians have left their warehouse. He hands Jack a silenced pistol for good measure. And tells him to only use it as a last resort. Jack says he will go check it out and see whats going on. After Jack leaves the club hop in a vehicle and drive down to the docks. The game automatically changes time to 10P.M. When Jack arrives he sees that the gate has been locked for the night. He sees a large Semi truck parked not too far away. Head on over to the Phantom and hop in. Drive as fast as you can into the gate and you should smash through. Once you break through Jack exits the truck and decides to proceed on foot for further stealth. You could just hop back in the truck and drive down the street to the warehouse. When you arrive at the Warehouse labeled "Albanian national import co." head to the door on the side. Jack finds it locked and too strong to kick in. He sees a ladder to his left. Climb up the ladder to the roof. When you arrive on the roof Jack sees a skylight with light coming through it on the other side. Stealthily move over to the window and 3 Albanians are seen sitting around a card table in the office. Jack sees another open skylight with no light coming through it. Head over to the open skylight and jump down in. Once you are inside the warehouse Jack decides to office is probobly the best bet for the location of the Key. Your going to have to shoot your way in. In the hallway leading from the room toward the office stands a guard. Use your silenced pistol to put him down before you proceed. Move forward and take cover by the door to the office. You see the three men sitting around the card table. Either toss a grenade in or gun down the men. Once two of them have been killed the last one is seen crawling to the briefcase. jack enters and tries to shoot at him but he is grabbed around the neck by another Albanian. Jack fights his way out and kills the man. Chase the briefcase carrier out of the office and once you exit the office three Albanians begin to open fire on you from the warehouse floor. Use your elevation advantage to take out the men and head back downstairs. Two more move from cover and open fire. The Briefcase carrier make it out a side door and enters a car. Either kill the Albanians or quickly leave the warehouse and hop on the motorcycle leaning against the warehouse. Once you are on the motorcycle give chase to the man in the Turismo. He is far ahead of you and is almost never in sight. If you do get close enough to take shots at the car he will quickly turn down anothe rroad or find someway to avoid you. Just keep in pursuit and dont let him get away. Eventaully he will find a straightway on the East side of the city and guns it out of site. When he gets away the mission is complete and Jack gives Brookings a call telling him that the man carrying the key got away. Brookings is angry but says its not the end of the world but now the Albanians know they are onto them. He tells you he will give you a call if he finds anything else out.

Text Message: After you complete the phone call with Brookings you recieve a text message from Andy telling you to come back home and have a talk. This puts and "AS" on the radar at your childhood home. You currently have The Wang strand and the Andy Steele strand open. The Wang strand will be covered first.

Steven Wang Cont...

Party Boy

Payout: $1250

Head over to Steven Wang's place in Chinatown San Fierro. Jack enters the lobby and heads up the elevator. He is stopped at the door by the guards but Jerry sees him and tells them to let himt hrough. Steven is glad to see him again. He says that he has recieved word that one of the major Feng bosses is going to a party in the Financial District tonight. He says their best course of action will be to steal the car of his driver and wait for him to exit the party. He doesnt want to kill him but mearly "Ask some questions" he asks Jack if he accepts the plan. he does and the group heads out. You enter a vehicle with Steven and two other Wang members. Follow the GPS route to thye location of the party. It is at a hotel in the Financial District. Steven says that his informat told him that the driver is going to park around back around midnight and wait for the Feng boss to enter. All four men put on ski masks as they see the driver pull into the alleyway that leads to the back of the hotel. He tells you to go over there and take control of the vehicle without damaging it. Then come back across the street and pick up the rest of the guys. They will then go back around back and wait for the target. He wont be able to see everyone through the tinted windows until its to late. So head across the street and walk down the alley. You will see the driver standing outside of his car polishing it. be careful how you take out the driver if you get blood on the car you will have to take the car to a Pay n Spray within a time limit. After you have killed the driver Jack puts him in the trunk and hops in. Exit the alley and drive to your original car in the alley across the street. The guys hop in your car. Drive back across the street and enter the alleyway and park in the arrow without damaging the car. A cutscene shows the Feng boss come out of the back door wearing a party hat with one of his body guards. When he opens the door one of the Wang members shoots the bodyguard and pulls the Feng boss in. Speed out of the alley and drive around while Steven questions the Feng boos. He asks him about their connections with the AOD. The Feng boss denies that his organization works with them but a pistol whip to the head changes that. He admits that they hired the AOD to do some muscle work for them and that he knows nothing else. He is then asked about any connection to the Cruz cartel. He completly denies they have any connection to them. Steven thinks he has heard enough and instructs Jack to the Easter Basin docks. When you arrive he tells you to park under the large orange crane on the north side of the docks. Pull into the marker arrow and one of the Wang members pulls the man out of the car. Shoots him in the head and dumps him in the bay. Jack says that he said they werent going to kill him. Steven says that he knows that the boss knew it was them. He couldnt risk letting him go to the Fengs and telling them everything. He tells you that they have to get rid of the car now and hands you some molotovs. Toss the molotovs through the open windows until the car is a blaze. A Wang car then pulls up and picks up the men. He thanks you for your help and tells you to come by soon. You still have more to do. When they leave the mission ends.

Strippers, Guns and Gangsters

Payout: $1000

Head back to Steven Wangs apartment in Chinatown. Jack finds him sitting at his kitchen table talking with Jerry and Brady Keith. Steven tells you that your right on time and asks if you are willing to go handle some business for him at Lucky's wetbar in Doherty. He just wants you to go down and talk with the manager about the AOD presence in the area and what he has seen and observed and to pick up a bag of money he owes the Family from a recent drug deal. As you are walking out he starts to talk to Brady about going down to the Docks but Jack leaves the room before you can hear the whole conversation. Hop in a car and drive south to the strip club in the southern area of Doherty. When you arrive enter through the main door and walk to the office in back. Jack knocks on the managers office and when he answers the door Jack says that Steven Wang has sent you. He lets you into his office and closes the door. He hands you the duffel bag of money and Jack asks about the AOD. The manager tells you that they come in once in a while and raise hell. And they are growing in presence around the area. As you are walking out the managers door Brady calls you and tells you he saw a huge group of AOD riding toward the club and to look out. "Speak of the devil" Jack says as the the AOD enter the club louder and roudier than usual. One of them opens fire on a guard who tells them to keep quiet and all hell breaks loose. Take cover along the wall near the doorway to the main area of the club. Pop from cover and take out as many AOD as you can. Move up to cover along the first dance floor if you have to and take out more AOD. Once you have killed the 8 or so already in the club move toward the door. when you get passed the bar and near the second dance floor another wave of AOD come in ready to fight. Take them out as they come in the door. There are about 5 in this wave. Once you have cleared them out exit the club. In the parking lot you find another 3 bikes ride up with two AOD on each. Take cover behind a vehicle and take them out. Once they are dead the police show up on the scene and you are given a 3 star wanted level. Hop on one of the bikes or enter a car and flee the cops. Succesfully evade the 3 star wanted level any way you can. Once you evade the police Jack calls Steven to tell him what happened. He says its despicable how The AOD can cause so many problems. And tells you to bring the money back to his place. Head back to Steven's apartment and head around back. jack meets a Wang member who takes the duffel bag full of money and pays you a cut. Once you make the exchange the mission is complete.

Repo Wars

Payout: $1200

Jack heads back to Steven's apartment. He finds Jerry at the door and Jerry introduces him to a guy named Gary. He then asks Jack if he can do a quick job for the triads and Jack says he will listen. Jerry tells him that the boss has recieved word that a car full of coke broke down in Little Vinewood and they cant hire a regular Tow company to haul it because he might find out whats in the car. He says that he wants you and Gary to get a hold of a Towtruck and head over to the car and tow it to a friendly garage in Garcia where they can get the stuff out of the car. He says that they could most likley find a Towtruck at the 24/7 in West San Fierro. After the cutscene hop in a car and let Gary enter. After he is in drive to the 24/7 store in West San Fierro. When you arrive you see a Towtruck sitting in front of the service doors for the tire shop with a driver standing near the front having a smoke. Exit your car and head to the truck. If you dont kill the driver before you get in the truck he may pull you out. Once you are in the Truck let Gary enter and follow the GPS route to the location of the car in Little Vinewood it is parked on the street near A diner. When you get there you see the car being inspected by two cops. Jack and Gary both agree that they must be dealt with. Exit your car and take out the cops looking at the car. You recieve a two star wanted level for your act so quickly enter the Towtruck and back it up to the car to hook it up. Jack automatically lifts the car up. Once it is hooked up you must escape your wanted level with the car on the back of your truck and without damaging too heavily or abandoning the truck and car. But once you have lost the cops follow the GPS route to the drop point at the tire shop in Garcia. You must back the car into the open garage and once you do it is released from the truck and Gary exits the Truck. He tells you that the owner of the shop is a guy who goes by Mike and he is connected to the underground car theft and chop shop trade and hes been looking for a reliable guy to work for him. He says he will talk to him and if he thinks you might be up for it he will shoot you and Email soon. He thanks you for helping out the family once more and pays you $1200. The Wang strand is now put on hold until further notice.

Email: The next time you look at your Email after this mission the Email that Mike was going to send you is recieved. It asks you if you want to work for him and if you do he will send you a text whenever there is a car he wants delivered. The only reply option is Positive and jack accepts. Mike is then added as a contact in your phone. he will send you his first request shortly.

Andy Steele strand.

Naval Engagement

Payout: $1100

Note: The "Mystery Man" mission must be completed before this mission becomes available.

After you recieve Andy's message head back to your childhood home. When you arrive you find Andy and your mom there along with Ernesto. Your mom is still upset over Greg's death and wants you guys to leave the life of crime behind before another one of you is lost. Jack tells her that he wants to but he has some things to take care of first. He says that he shouldnt have to be living like this once everything is settled and calmed down. Ernesto then talks to Jack about how he wants to get rid of his coke once and for all and how he also wants to leave the drug game behind. He says that too many of his close friends have been lost because of it. Andy then says that they have arranged to give back the coke to the Russians they stole it from but they want to make sure they get it and no one else. He is thinking of a drop in the bay He says that he knows a guy who operates a boat repair shop on the coast who can help them make the drop. After the cutscene Jack, Andy and Ernesto all get into Greg's car and head out. The marker is at a boat repair shop on Fisherman's coast. Follow the GPS route to get there and once you do pull into the marker arrow. The guys enter the shop and find the owner working on a Smuggler in the dry dock. Ernest tells him that they need a boat to make a drop in the bay and that they need a number to get a hold of the Russian gangsters to tell them they will drop the coke in the bay. The owner says that he has done business with them in the past and he may still have their number. He says that he will let them use the boat hes currently working on and once he finds the number he will send it to you. After the cutscene you have a new contact titled "Billy" in your phone which is the repair shop owner. And you Andy and Ernest all enter the boat. Follow the blip on the radar to the drop point on the far side of Ayala island. when you arrive Ernesto drops the bag in the water and says that hopefully it wont be found before they can get it to the Russians. After you make the drop Billy texts you the number of a local Russian mob underboss and Jack calls it. He quickly says that they dropped their product on the northern side of Ayala island and hangs up. When he hangs up a Coast guard predator come into view and tells you to put your hands up and let them search your boat. They notice the bag floating in the water and tell you your under arrest. Andy and Ernesto both draw weapons. You have a 3 star wanted level and must evade it. You are being pursued by police in Coast guard predators who will take shots at you if they get close. Ernesto and Andy fight them off from the rear of the boat. You must exit the wanted zone and lose the cops but it wont hurt to take out soem boats on your own. you can fire a weapon from the boat like you would with any other vehicle. Your boat is a bit faster than the police boats so use that advantage to tear across open water and evade the wanted zone. Once you are out of the wanted zone a helicopter joins the chase. Ernesto looks into a storage compartment and finds just what you need. A rocket launcher he hands it to you and tells you he doesnt have a steady enough hand to take it out. So aim the launcher at the helicopter hivering above and shoot it down. you have 3 rounds of ammunition so use it wisley. Once the Helicopter is taken out you must once again escape the wanted zone and evade the police. So evade the cops like you did before and once the wanted level is erased Ernesto tells you to head back to port. So drive the boat back to Billy's shop and Jack will pull it into the dock. He inspects the damage on the boat and says it isnt too much to be fixed. He tells Jack that if he is ever free and wants a job he can come by and help him out. he has some stuff he needs done. Jack says he will come by and visit if he ever has free time. Ernesto, Andy and Jack all leave the shop and go their own ways. The mission ends here and You have a green "B" icon on the radar at the repair shop for Billy's mission strand. The AS strand is also available at the house. The Billy strand will be covered later on after a couple more story important strands.


Payout: None

Return to your childhood home. Jack enters the house to find his mom crying at the kitchen table and asks what is wrong. She says that Andy has left to "meet someone" and shes afraid that he has relapsed and gone to buy drugs again. Jack says that he will go and find him. She says that all she knows is that he used to frequent a local dealer. After the cutscene hop in a vehicle and follow the GPS route to the alleyway behind the diner only a couple blocks away from the house. When Jack arrives he finds the alley deserted with the dealer or Andy no where in sight. He attempts to call Andy but it just goes to voicemail he then calls Ernesto and says hes coming to pick him up to help him look. Head on over to Ernestos house and park out front to pick him up. He enters the car and says he knows of a dealer who operates in Rancho rincon not too far away. So head on over there and when you arrive Ernesto tells you to drive around the district to look for the dealer. As you drive around Jack tells Ernesto that he feels like such a hypocrite as he works with drugs while his brother is an addict. Ernesto will keep a look out and he is eventually found as you drive past "Excelsior Liquors" Ernesto sees the dealer and Andy speaking on the street corner and a cutscene shows Jack and Ernesto driving up and leaving the vehicle to confront them. Ernesto pulls Andy away and the dealer flees when Jack threatens his life and hops on a Vader. Get on the PCJ-600 thats parked behind it on the street and pursue the fleeing dealer. He wind shis way through the streets heading south. When he reaches the river that sperates San Fierro and South San Fierro he will head east and then north when he gets near the airport. If you have not killed him by the time he arrives at the Xoomer station in Doherty you encounter the rest of his gang at the station. There are five of them and they will open fire on you. So dismount your bike and start returning fire while taking cover behind vehicles in the parking lot. Once you have taken them all out the mission is complete. Jack calls Ernesto who tells him that he took Andy home. This puts the AS back on the radar at your childhood house.

Chinese Delivery

Payout: $1250

Jack heads back to his childhood home to meet Ernesto and Andy. Jack enters the house and is angered with Andy trying to go back to the drugs. And then partially blames it on himslef for dealing in drugs. Ernesto emerges from the bathroom and finds the two talking. He says that he thinks he might know the gang the dealer was working for and that their territory could be an asset for Tommy once he gets here. Jack says he doesnt want to deal with drugs while Andy is still an addict but Andy insists that he will get better and Jack should focus on business. Ernesto says that the gang is known as the East Side Lordz and they operate out of Chinatown and Doherty on the East side of the city. Jack says they should go and check out their territory and see what can be done. Hop in Ernestos car and let Ernesto enter and follow the GPS route to Doherty. When you arrive at the crackhouse in Doherty Ernesto says that its one of the busiest in the area and a major source of income for the gang. He then directs you to a restaurant in Chinatown. Follow the GPS and park outside "Mr. Fuk Yungs buffet" Ernesto then says that he heard the restaurant was a major front for their drug operations in Chinatown and is Feng held even though they are in Wang territory. As he is talking a van and a car pull off the street and drive down the alleyway next to the Restaurant and Ernesto says that the shipment he heard was coming in is just on time. He tells you to drive down the alley so they can ambush the shipment. He says that if they do well they could severly hurt the Lordz and the Fengs financially and that they have to act now. Drive down the alleyway and a cutscene will show Jack slowley creeping the car sown the alley. It splits off and goes behind the restaurant and the van is shown with its doors open and a large amount of bags being loaded from the back. Jack and ernesto exit the car and take cover behind it when they are spotted. Use the car as cover and pick off the gang members. You must be careful to not destroy the van because then the frugs will be lost. So use small arms to take out the 6 gang members defending the van. After you have approach the rear of the van and Jack and Ernesto grab as much of the drugs as they can and after they have loaded up their duffel bags another car load of gang members arrive in the alley. Take cover behind the car parked infront of the van and take out the 4 enemies who arrived in the second car. Once you have taken them all out Ernesto says you and him should get out of here. So hop in a vehicle and you recieve a 3 star wanted level when the police arrive. Lose the wanted level by any means necessary and once you do Ernesto tells you to bring him home. Follow the GPS route to Ernestos house and when you arrive Ernesto takes the drugs inside and says that they have a pretty good stash now.

Phone Call: After this mission you recieve a call from an unknown caller. He says that he is involved with a certain organization that wants to "Speak" with you. And directs you to Romanov night club in Little Moscow. Jack tells him that he isnt going to go if he doesnt find out who it is but the man insists that its an urgent matter and he would be a fool to not go there. This puts a "?" at the club in Little Moscow. Andy's friend activities are also put on hold.

Andrei Fedorov Strand

Collect Call....

Payout: None.

After recieving the mysterious call head to the Romanov night club in little Moscow. Jack enters the club and the door man directs him to the back room. So walk through the club and step into the marker arrow in front of the door that reads "Managment only" in the back of the club. Jack enters the room and is knocked over the head with a bat by a man who was hiding behind the door. The screen goes black and when he comes to he finds himslef hogtied in the basement of the club with the sound of music still audible from above. A tall Russian man is seen entering the room and has one of his henchmen sit him up against a wall. It is Andrei from the earlier "Rocket to Russia" mission. He says that he is un happy with you stealing his drugs from him after allowing their first deal to get ambushed. Even though Jack says that he doesnt know how the cops found out about their deal Andrei doesnt listen. He says that he knows you stole his drugs and that you dumped it in the bay and allowed the cops to seize them nefore they could get a chance. So he tells Jack that hes going to have to work off hius debt owed to his organization. Jack refuses until Andrei says that they have taken his brother. Jack doesnt believe them until one of the mobsters shows him a video on his cell phone of Andy tied up reading a letter of the Russian mobsters demands. Andrei says that as long as Jack complies with all requests he makes Andy wont be harmed and will be returned safley once Jack has worked off his debt. Jack asks how much he owes and Andrei says "I will decide that" He says that Jack's first task is simple. Set up a meeting with a man who owes Andrei a large sum of money so they can lure him into a trap and get him to pay the debt. Andrei says that he is a regular poster on and tells Jack to use his imagination in how to get him to agree to a meeting. He cuts him free and his men lead him out the back door of the club. You regain control in the alley behind the club. Walk to the street and hop in a vehicle and head to the internet cafe in the Financial district. Enter the cafe and get on one of the computers. There is ana d for craplist on the Snafoo homepage and you ar einstructed to open a post made by username "Greiman92". One of the top posts is a blog by that username. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the reply button and Jack writes a reply saying that he thinks you and him have a lot in common and should hang out and talk sometime. He leaves his number attached to the post and sends it. All you have to do now is exit the computer and leave the internet cafe to finish this part of the mission. Jack calls Andrei and tells him he sent the email. Andrei tells him to come back to the club and to knock on the backdoor when he comes back. This puts a blue A on the radar at the club.

Join The Midnight Club

Payout: $350

Return to the night club after sending the debtor the email. Jack knocks on the back door and one of Andrei's men checks him for weapons at the door. When Jack is let into the office Andrei is sitting at the desk and lets Jack sit down. Jack asks Andrei how he can be sure that Andy will not be harmed if he complies. Andrei tells him that they dont want to hurt Andy. That his organization doesnt need an unnecessary murder on their hands and that as long as Jack is able to fulfil the requests Andy will be returned safe and sound. He then tells Jack that hes been having some trouble with a local low level street gang latley. He says that this isnt just any drug pushing street gang. Their a Japanese drift racing gang thats been bugging the hell of the Russian mob latley with their attempts to become more criminalized. He tells Jack to head down to a common meeting place for the gang and allow them to lead him to a larger number of the gang and do as much damage as he can. After the cutscene hop in a vehicle and follow the GPS route south to the RON station in Mercer square. When you arrive a group of 4 customized Sultans sitting in the parking lot and a large number of their members hanging out near their cars. You are instructed to kill some of the gang members to cause them to flee. Exit your car and get behind it and start shooting the members of the gang. Once you have killed 3 or 4 of them the remaining members hop in their cars and flee. Hop in one of the customized sultans and give chase. The wind through the streets heading north. Dont kill them during the chase and just stay close and let them lead you to the rest of the gang. They will eventually make their way to Japantown and pull into a parking lot behind the area community center. There is a large group of about 5 cars and 15 gang members there. Quickly exit your ride and get behind it. Use your cover to pick off all the gang members and use explosives to take out cars to cause an explosion and kill a larger group. Once you have killed all of the gang members you must lose any wanted level you may have gained and once you do Jack calls Andrei and reports his success. If you have completed all of the available Wang missions he tells you to come back and see him at the club but if you havent he just tells you that he will call you when he needs you and will not call you until you complete the Wang mission "Repo Wars".

Air Traffic Control

Payout: $500

Return to the club when Andrei's icon reappers. Jack enters through the back door of the club and Andrei is at his desk talking to some of the men. When he sees you enter he sends everyone out except one. He has Jack take a seat and tells him that the man sitting next to him is named Mikhaylov and your going to do a little job for with him. He sends you out of the club and says that Mikhaylov will fill you in along the way. Enter the marked Willard parked in the alleyway. Wait for Mikhaylov to enter and he tells you that your headed to the SFBC TV station in the financial district. He says you are going there to steal a helicopter and when he says that Jack is suprised. He says that he took some lessons back in Vice City but hasnt flown in a long time. Mikhaylov tells him to be calm and both of them will get out alive. When you arrive at the building on the Eastern edge of the Financial district Mihaylov notes a staircase leading to the roof with an armed guard standing infront of it. Exit the vehicle and take out the armed guard and start going up the staircase. More guards will start to come down from the roof so take them out as you make your way up. The roof is 3 stories high and once you arrive on the roof you will see a Maverick starting to rev up to take off with five armed guards. Take out the gaurds as fast as possible and make a run at the helicopter. When you get to it it begins to take off and Jack grabs onto the runner. Mikhaylov grabs on but loses his grips when the chopper takes off. Rapidly press the button indicated on screen to pull yourself up to the chopper. Jack is able to climb into the chopper and force the pilot out. He takes control of the chopper and quickly calls Andrei who tells him that he must land it in the port of Ridgemont where a couple of his men are. So follow the radar blip south to the warehouse in the port of Ridgemont and carefully bring the helicopter to the landing pad following the instructions on screen for help. Once it is safley landed on the roof of the warehouse Andreis men appear and tell Jack that the boss will be pleased with his work. Jack heads down to the street and the mission ends.

Phone call: After the mission Packie calls you and tells you to come to his cousins place in Creekfield Village. This puts the "P" back on the radar along with Andrei's marker at Romanovs.

Supply And Demand

Payout: $750

Head back to the back door at Romanov's. Jack walks in to find Andrei relaxing at his desk smoking a cigar. He talks to Jack about why he chose his life. His life of crime and if he thinks it was agood choice. Jack tells him that he has never really done anything else. He has been getting in trouble since elementary school. During the conversation one of Andrei's henchmen enter the office and tell him that "The truck is ready". Andrei then tells Jack that his next task is to go with the man to sell some stolen electronics to some of their contacts around the city. Jack and the man leave out the back door. Enter the Yankee parked on the street at the end of the alleyway. The man tells you that your first buyer is in Richman so follow the GPS route that leads you to the alleyway in Richman. Pull into the marker arrow down the alley and the henchman gets out and opens the back to sell some elctronics to the buyers that have lined up. He tells you to keep a look out for anything suspicious while he is making his sales. He makes 3 uneventful sales and re enters the truck. The next stop is in Mercer Square. Head over to the next marked location and pull into the marker arrow in the back lot of a grocery store. A couple employees come out and the henchman exits the truck to sell to them. Again he tells you to keep a look out. While he is making the sale a blue car starts driving toward the truck. The man sees it and says its the East Side Lordz and enters the truck and tells you to get out of there. Pull off and the henchman will start to shoot at your pursuers. Use a weapon to take out the pursuing car whenever it pulls by you. If the truck is destroyed you fail the mission. Once the attackers have been killed the henchman tells you that they might as well try to sell the rest of the merchandise since it wasnt damaged. He tells you to head to Hashbury. So follow the GPS route to the construction sight in Hashbury. Pull into the alleyway next to the construction sight and a few workers come over to make purchases. The henchman makes a few sales and gets back in the truck and tells you to head to the lockup in Easter Basin. As you head there 3 more carloads of East Side Lordz attack. Take them all out as fast as possible before they can cause too much damage to the truck. If the truck is destroyed here you fail. Once the East Side Lordz have been dealt with follow the GPS route to the lockup in Easter Basin. Pull the truck into the garage at the self storage facility and you and the henchman leave the truck. He pays you a little cut of the money for saving his life. The mission ends here. The Andrei icon dissapears and you should be recieving the call from the debtor in not too long.

...Collect Call...

Payout: None.

Not too long after you complete "Supply And Demand" you should recieve a call from Andrei's debtor. He says that he wants to hang out with you and havce a talk. He says to meet him at the "Pasta! Pasta!" restaurant in Queens in two days. This puts a date in your phone's calender for 7 P.M two days from your current day. When that time comes you will meet the debtor there. The Andrei strand is not available but the packie strand is re opened.

...Collect Call

Payout: $500

When the clock strikes 7 P.M Two days after you recieve the calls from the debtor this mission is automatically started. If you are on another mission this one will start immediatly after that one. Follow the GPS route to the "Pasta! Pasta!" Italian restaurant in Queens. When you arrive Jack enters the restaurant and walks until he is called over to a table by a man. He sits down and the man talks about how he got his Email and thinks that they could be good friends. A waiter comes over to take your orders and Jack just orders a spaghetti plate with Sprunk. The Debtor tries to engage Jack in conversation about conservation and animal rights. After a couple minutes Jack has had enough and stands up and pulls a pistol and the debtor flees. After you regain control chase the debtor through the restaurant. He runs out the front door and onto the street. Once you are outside the restaurant chase him as he runs into the alleyway next to the restaurant. He climbs a ramp and hops on the rooftops. Chase him as he runs across the rooftops using boards to cross until near the end of his run he jumps across to a shorter building. Jack corners him on the building where he begs for his life. He knows he has made mistakes in borrowing money from Andrei but just wants to live. He says that he will stay far away from Andrei and work to repay his debts. When you regain control you can choose to either execute the debtor or walk away to spare him. Once you have made your choice Jack calls Andrei and says the debtor has been dealt with. Andrei thanks you and tells you to come back to the club. You can use the buildings fore escape to get back down to street level.

Paper Weight

Payout: $600

Head back to Romanov's to meet Andrei. Jack knocks on the back door and one of Andrei's men opens the door. Jack enters to find Andrei on the phone angry with someone. He hangs up and yells to Jack that he needs to get down to South San Fierro as quickly as possible. A van carrying Andrei's money after a protection run was ambushed by some gangsters and they are pinned down right now. After the cutscene hop in a vehicle and follow the GPS route to the South Beach district in South San Fierro. If you take an unreasonable amount of time Andrei's money will be stolen and the mission will be failed. So get there as quickly as possible. When you arrive you will find a white van overturned on the road and Andrei's men hiding behind it firing at the Cruz catrel members. Take out the 8 gang members whoa re attacking the van and once you do one more carload will arrive. Take them out and dont let them destroy the cash. After the enemies are dead Andrei's men hear the sound of police sirens in the distance. They all grab a duffel bag and put it over there shoulder and begin to make their escape when the police arrive. You have a 3 star wanted level and are taking cover behind the van when the police arrive. Take out the police present and when it is safe quickly hop into one of the police cruisers and Andrei's men will hop in. You must now lose your wanted level which has probobly gone up to 4 stars. Drive as fast as you can down straight aways and duck into alleyways to avoid the cops. Once you have lost the wanted level Andreis men tell you to bring them back to Romanov's. So head back to the club in Little Moscow and pull around back to drop the men and the money off. You get paid a small share for helping them out. Andrei tells you that he has to sort out the situation and will get a hold of you soon. If both the Packie and James strands are complete he will be calling you very shortly. If not you must complete both of those before you can proceed with the Andrei strand.

Packie strand cont...

Super Size Me

Payout: $1000

Head to James McReary's house in Creekfield village after Packie calls you following "Air Traffic Control" Jack knocks on the front door and Packie answers. He invites Jack inside and he finds James sitting at the kitchen counter drinking whiskey straight from the bottle. He and Packie try to talk to James but he doesnt respond. Packie says he has been acting pretty wierd latley and thats why he called but its not the only reason. Packie and Jack head down to the basement where Packie pulls an Auto Shotgun out from under a blanket on the floor. He says that his brother bought two of them off of a black market dealer a couple days ago. As they are talking James can be heard calling him from upstairs. When they get back upstairs James tells you and Packie that he just got a call from one of their men. A large group of Marinos just killed a couple of their men in MacArthur. Packie says that they should go talk to some of their guys and see whats going on. Hes going to bring the new toys as a safe measure. Enter the vehicle parked in the driveway and allow Packie to enter. Follow the GPS route to the Irish mobsters in MacArthur. They are hanging out infront of a liquor store so pull up to them on the street and honk the horn. They walk up to the car and talk to Packie. They tell him that the Marinos attacked out of nowhere and without being provoked. They gunned down a couple guys outside of a pub a couple blocks from here. Packie says they should go get some revenge at one of the Marinos hang outs. If they want war they got war. Follow the GPS route to the Cluckin bell in the Silver District of Ridgemont and when you arrive park across the street. Jack and Packie exit the car and enter the restaurant. You see a table full of Marinos sitting down and talking. Once you regain control open fire on the Marinos at the table. There are 5 of them and once the buyllets start to fly the civilians in the building freak out and try to flee. You can take cover on the low wall the divides the restaurant in half to avoid damge or just blow them away with your shotgun. Once the Marinos are dead another one is shown running out of the bathroom and out a back door. Run to the back door and steal a car from the back lot and Packie will quickly follow. The Marino is fleeing in a Blista Compact and you must stay close. Get close enough for Packie to take shots at him and take shots when you get close as well. Once the car catches fire the driver bails out and runs on foot. You can jsut run him down with your car and once he is dead you finish the objective. You recieve a two star wanted level for all of the violence so lose that by any means necessary. Once you have lost the police attantion Packie tells you to take him back to James. So hed back to James house and once you arrive Packie gets out and heads back inside. He says that the Marinos obviously havent lived up to their previous agreement of peace and want war.

Note: The next mission in the Packie strand is not available until you recieve the call from the debtor in the Andrei strand.

Wedding Crashers

Payout: $1100

This mission is not available until after you have recieved the call from Andrei's debtor. Jack returns to James' house in Ridgemont after attacking the Marinos with Packie. Jack knocks on the door and James' answers and lets Jack in. He tells him that he is angered by how the Marinos disobeyed their peace agreement. As they are talking Packie emerges from the back of the house and sits down at the table with Jack and James. He breaks out a deck of cards and starts dealing when there is another knock at the front door. James gets it and in walks Brady Keith. The corrupt cop who has been working with the Wang family recently. He walks in and takes a seat at the table with everyone else. He begins to talk about how he came to visit because he has recieved word about a Marino wedding taking place in town today. He says that if they really want to do some damage to the Marino family that would be the place to do it. Many of their highest ranking members will be in attendance and they could kill multiple birds with one stone. James says its complete disrespect to make an attack someones wedding but Jack says that they should go for it and Packie agrees. James is hesitant but gives in. Packie says that he and Jack are going to go and grab some men and Brady says he can retrieve some car bombs from a guy he knows and meet them at the wedding. He leaves and Packie and Jack head out as well. Hop in the car with Packie and follow the GPS route south to the pool hall in Southern Ridgemont. When you arrive pull into the marker arrow and Packie calls out to the Irish mobsters hanging out front. Two enter your car and two others hop in a nearby car. After you ahve picked up the help follow the GPS route North to the Marino mansion in the hills of northern Ridgemont. When you arrive pull into the marker arrow near the main gate. You and your group park across the street and wait for Brady. He pulls up behind you on a Vader and walks to the car. He says he got 5 car bombs that are ready to use. Packie says that the compound is heavily guarded and its going to be a hell of a fight in there. The plan is to sneak over the walls and place car bombs on some cars in the driveway and then sneak around to the back wall of the mansion and start shotting to push the people to their cars and then detonate the bombs. After the cutscene head across the street and climb the wall. Packie is surprised at the low security presence and proceeds to place car bombs on cars. You have 3 bombs you must place on cars. There are plenty of cars to choose from so just pick 3 of them and once all the bombs are placed follow the gang back over the wall. If you make too much noise when you are in the driveway the people in the backyard may hear and be alerted. So stay silent. Run with them around the walled yard and when you arrive in the rear of the yard Packie hands a Ski Mask to each member and the all climb the wall at once. The people start fleeing and some Marinos pull guns and start firing on you. Take them out and proceed toward the parking lot. When all the Marinos that stayed behind are dead Packie tells Brady to detonate the bombs. He pulls up his phone and detonates the car bombs. They go off in spectacular fashion and almost every vehicle in the driveway is destroyed as a result. Your next instruction i9s to take out the surviving gangsters. So head into the driveway are and start shooting down the remaining Marinos. There are about 8 left so take car of them like usual. When they are all dead police sirens are heard from outside the compund. Fight toward the main gate and when you arrive you find that the cops have already arrived. Take cover on one side of the gate and start taking out the police. When the cost is clear Brady heads off in his own way and you have a 3 star wanted level to lose. So enter a vehicle and dont forget Packie. Lose the wanted level by any means necessary and once you do Packie tells you to take him to his new apartment South San Fierro. So follow the GPS route to the South Beach district of South San Fierro. Pull into the marker arrow in the parking lot of the small apartment complex. Packie tells you that he feels they may have struck a major blow on the Marinos. Or the whole thing could blow up in their face. He also tells you that you can keep staying in his old apartment while he stays here. He tells you to come by whenever you have time for a visit. After the post mission cutscene Jack calls James to report his success. James tells him that hes impressed but worried and tells you to come see him at his place soon. You now have the "P" for Packie at his apartment and a red "J" for James strand on the radar. The Packie strand will be continued before the James strand.

Phone call: After you complete this mission you recieve another call from Larry Brookings. He tells you that he has to speak with you and tells you to meet him at the sunrise motel near the airport in Little Vinewood. This puts an "LB" on the radar. His mission will be covered after the Packie and Jame strands.

Tower Of Trouble

Payout: $1250

Go to Packie's new apartment to meet him. Jack walks up to the second floor and knocks on Packie's apartment door. Packie answers and lets Jack in. He tells him that the place is his girlfriends and he is just now moving in with her. He and Jack sit down on the couch in the living room and Packie tells Jack that he has something he wants him to do. He says that his girlfriend's ex is the leader of a small Ridgemont street gang and was treated poorly by him in the past. He afraid that the man and his gang might threaten her saftey if something isnt done. He just wants Jack to take care of her ex boyfriend for him. He and his gang live in the blue village housing project in MacArthur. If he can go down there and take care of the guy for him he would be greatful and pay for his help. Packie says he cant do it himslef because he is known as a member of the Irish mob and could never get close enough to him. Jack is more un assuming. After the cutscene hop in a vehicle and follow the GPS route to the complex of highrises in MacArthur. There are three tall buildings centered around a central courtyard. When you arrive you are reminded to check the directories for a guy named "Rodney Cullens" and the location of each buldings directories is marked. Head into each building and stand infront of the directory until Jack finds the name. It is in the Eastern most building and it says that Rodney lives in apartment 4H. Enter through the door and head up the stairs to the fourth floor and proceed to apartment H which is marked on your radar. The door is locked so Jack kicks in the door and takes cover on the wall in the enterance. A man at the end of the hall is startled and opens fire. Take him out and proceed down the hallway toward the living room. Another guy exits the bedroom and attacks you so take him out and enter the bedroom. Jack finds Rodney hiding in the closet. He begs for his life and says he knows what he did wrong and that he will stay far from his old girlfriend and her new family and says that Jack would be making a huge mistake if he kills him. You can either execute him or leave the apartment to spare him. Once you exit the apartment you encounter 3 of Rodney's gang in the hallway. Take them out and head back downstairs. Once you exit the building you encounter 4 more in the courtyard. You can take cover on the planter infront of the building and take them out. Once they are dead enter a vehicle and once you have left the area the mission is completed. Jack calls Packie to tell him that Rodney has been dealt with. Packie is happy and says he will get back to you soon. This ends his strand for now.

James McReary Strand...

Capital Punishment

Payout: $1700

After you complete "Wedding crashers" James invites you back to his place in Creekfield Village. Jack walks up and knocks on the door like he has done before. James sees him and calls him onto the detached garage. Inside the garage James gives Jack a drink and asks him for a favor. He tells him that a former member of his organization has been selling out information to their enemies. Thats the only explanation for how things have been going. He says he doent know where he stays now but believes he will probobly be in the police computer under his original name. He tells you to use a police computer to hunt him down and take him out. After the cutscene diall 911 on your phone to have a police car delivered to you. Once you have it lose your wanted level and access the police computer. Type "Will Stein" in criminal search and his location is revealed. Mark it your radar and follow the GPS route to his location in the Mercer Square district of San Fierro. When you arrive you find the house to be a 3 story painted lady style house. Jack notes that the best attack would be through the alleyway that runs around back. Exit your car and you have a choice of how to proceed. You can go in through the front door guns blazing or you can sneak around back and make your attack through the rear. If you go in the front door you encounter 4 armed enemies in the living room and little cover. If you go in the back door you will enter through the kitchen and be able to acess the upper floor through the dining room and never have to enter the living room. Either way you must make your way into the dining room and up the stairs. If you went the stealthy route your target will be sleeping in his bed and will be an easy target to take out. Of you take him out silently you can sneak out of the house and complete the mission without ever firing a single bullet. But if you fight the men downstairs your target will wake up and fire on you with a pistol. Either way once you kill the target you have to escape the house. You may have to fight your way through the goons or just leave stealthily. Once you ar eout of the house Jack calls James to tell him that the target is dead and James thanks him and invites him back to his place.

Industrial Revolution

Payout: $1500

Return to James' house after taking out Will. Jack knocks on the front door and one of James' friends answers and lets Jack in. James walks into the room from the back and invites Jack to the back porch. They sit down and James hands Jack a beer. He discusses with him about how he is greatfull for how Jack took out that traitor but theres something else he needs done. The traitor Jack killed had joined a new gang of local street thugs and if they find out that the Irish mob was responsible for Will's death they will come for both of their heads. He tells Jack that some of their members like to hang out at the Cluckin Bell in the Silver District. He tells him to tail one of their members from there and see where he leads him. And if he discovers the whole gang to take them all out. After the cutscene hop in a vehicle and follow the GPS route to the Cluckin bell in the Silver District. When you arrive there pull into the marker arrow across the street. Two thug looking guys leave the restaurant and get into a Blista Compact and leave. Follow the car but dont get too close for too long or they will know somethings wrong and attack you. Just keep a good distance from them as they drive through the streets. They dont stop at red lights or stop signs and speed frequently. They eventually arrive at a rundown factory near the port of Ridgemont. They get out of the car and enter through the hole in the wall. Exit your car and approach the large hole in the side of the wall. Proceed in sneakily and you will spot the two guys standing at the top of a staircase arguing over who gets the last piece of chicken. If you use a silenced pistol to take them both out with headshots you will remain hidden. But if they return fire or any noise is made the other gang members in the factory will be alerted. If you took them out silently you can proceed up the stairs and find a small living area lit with a burning barrel. If you continue down the hallway to the left you will find the rest of the gang. There are about 8 in the first area at the end of the hallway so take them out how you see fit. There is cover on your side of the hallway but you might have to proceed down the hall to take care of them all. After that room you will encounter a staircase that heads up to the next floor. At the top of the staircase you will find a large room with large tanks and piping as well as around 10 more gang members. Some up on the catwalk and some on the ground. You can take cover on the overturned desk near the door and take them all out. After you have dealt with that room head up the spiral staircase on the otherside of the room. On the way up you will encounter about 3 enemies that come out of the door at the top of the staircase you are going up. Just take them out when you get a clear line on them and continue up. When you reach the top you are on a small landing with a door that leads into another room. The room has a lot of piping that creates a maze and some more fire barrels create light. Proceed through the maze of pipes taking cover around corners and take out any enemies you encounter. When you reach the end of the pipe room you encounter a ladder that goes up to the next floor. Go up it and you find yourself on the roof. Get behind the vent near the ladder and start taking out the enemies up there. There are about 10 enemies left on the roof and you will have to switch to different points of cover to get them all. Once you have taken all of them out Jack call James to report his success. James says he is happy he wont have to worry about them anymore. You can leave the factory by back tracking through or if you have a parachute you can jump off the side of the building. Either way once you are outside of the factory and on the ground the mission is completed.

Larry Brookings

Camera Shy

Payout: $1000

After you recieve the call from Larry to meet you at the motel in Little Vinewood head over there. Jack walks up the stairs to the second level and knocks on room number 8. Larry opens the door a crack and looks around. He asks Jack if he was followed but Jack just pushes the door open and enters. Larry quickly closes the door and Jack asks why he is so paranoid. He says that he thinks the Albanians he is after might know he is onto them. Jack tells him to stop being so paranoid and wants to know what he has to do now. Larry says he isnt happy about how Jack lost the man with the key. Jacks says he isnt happy either but will make it up later. He just wants to learn the info Larry knows. Larry asks Jack if he has a camera phone and Jack says he does but doesnt know why it is relavent. Larry tells him that he thinks some of the Albanian thugs he is after are meeting at a coffee house downtown today. He says that he wants them dead. They are expendable thugs who are not important to his investigation but pose a threat to him. He tells Jack that he can go down there and snap a picture of them first. So he knows they are the right ones and if they are Jack can take them out. He tells Jack they are meeting within the next few hours and if you dont have a sniper rifle in your inventory he digs under the bed and grabs a Springfield and hands it to you. He tells you to take up a sniping post in the building across the street from the coffee house. After the cutscene hop in a vehicle and follow the GPS route north to the marker arrow at the base of the fire escape on the 3 story building across the street from the coffee shop. Climb to the roof at take up position on the roof. Jack looks down and sees two men sitting at a table on the outdoor plaza of the coffee shop. Pull out you phone zoom in on the two men and snap a picture and once you have it click on send and Jack will send it to Larry. He texts back a few seconds later saying that its them and to kill them both. Pull out the Springfield Larry gave you and zoom in on one of them. Take him out and quickly switch to the second. If you cant get them both before one flees to a car parked on the street you will have to chase him before he gets away. no matter how you do it once you have killed both of the targets the mission is complete and Jack calls Larry to report his success. Larry is pleased with your work and says he will call you whenever he gets more info and needs your help.

Phone call: After you have completed all of Andrei's, Packie's, James' and this mission Andrei gives you a call and his strand is reopened. But the Billy Strand will be covered first to get that out of the way.

Billy Zerth Strand


Payout: $1000

Billy calls you and invites you to his boat repair shop in Fisherman's coast after the mission "Naval Engagement" in the Andy Steele strand. Head on over there and step into the marker arrow near the front door to the shop. Jack enters and finds Billy in the work area working on the engine of a boat. They have a small discussion about the boat and Jack shows a knowledge of boats that he said he learned working at Tommy's boatyard in Vice City. Billy tells Jack that his business isnt doing too bad but he has a problem. The local Feds know about his involvment in the smuggling of drugs into the country. He says that the police took his car because it is evidence in their case and he wants it back before they can find anything it. He says that its probably being held in the police impound lot in Easter Basin near the junkyard. After the cutscene hop in a vehicle and follow the GPS route south to the impound lot in the Easter Basin district. The enterance is guarded by armed guards and there is an alleyway that runs between the impund lot and the junkyard. You can either choose to go in through the front and go guns blazing to retrieve the car or you can climb the fence in the alleyway out of view of the police and attempt to sneak your way to the car. The car is near the back of the lot and there are about 10 cops within the impound lot and the two guards at the gate armed with M4s. The impound lot is full of carsfor you to use for cover if a fire fight does erupt and you can use these to hide from the police if you try to be stealthy. No matter what way you do it you have to get into Billy's red Phoenix in the back of the lot. Once you are in it you have a 3 star wanted level regardless if a cop spots you. If you managed to take out all cops in the impound lot without alerting the others you wont get noticed until you reach the main gate. The main gate is open and the only thing seperating the lot from the street is a barrier similar to the kind at toll booths so you can drive right through it. Once you have the car lose the heat by any means possible. If it is damaged during the police chase you will have to stop at a Pay n' Spray to get it repaired. Once the car is repaired and you have lost the police you must bring the car to Billy's lockup in the Financial District under the Garver Bridge. When you arrive Billy is there and thanks you for getting his car back. He tells you to come by the shop and see him again. This puts his marker back on the map at his shop.

To Live Another Day

Payout: $1500

After you have stolen Billy's car back from the police impound return to his shop. Jack enters and finds billy sitting in his office talking on the phone with someone. He sees Jack and motions for him to take a seat in front of his desk. The tone of the conversation on the phone isnt to friendly and Billy hangs up and tells Jack that he was just talking with one of his contacts and he says the cops had already searched his car before he could get to it and that they are sending people to his place now. He hands you an M4 and tells you they have to stop them. Both their lives are at risk now. He says they can hide out in the shop and hold of the B.A.T.E from there. After the cutscene you are in cover within the shop facing the street with a fully loaded M4. As the B.A.T.E pull up in their Enforcer and unload start taking them out. There are 6 members in the first team, as well as two cop cars that show up on the scene. Take them out as well and wait for the next wave of them. The next wave involves two enforcers with 6 B.A.T.E in each. This is a tough battle and the B.A.T.E may over run you if you stay in your same spot so you might have to take some initiative and find a new spot to take cover. Once you ahve dealt with the second wave two Helicopters appear and drop 4 B.A.T.E each at the back of the shop. So change your orientation and take out the forces coming from the back. Once you have dealt with them Billy says you got to get out of here while you can. Head to the boat parked at the Jetty in the rear of the shop and get in. Let Billy get in and head to the indicated location on the South San Fierro coast on the East Side of South San Fierro. Billy says that he doesnt think they will be able to hold the law off any longer and he might have to get out of the country. When you arrive you find that the location is Billy's personal jetty on his house. Pull into the marker arrow and Billy departs. He says he is going to gather the things he needs and get ready to get out of the country. He tells you to come by his house soon. The green B is now at the front door of Billy's house.

Battle Of The Bay

Payout: $2500 and Billy's house in South San Fierro as a safehouse.

Head to the green B located at Billy's house on the South San Fierro coast. Jack knocks on the door and Billy cracks the door open and when he sees its Jack he opens it and lets him in. He takes him upstairs where he has a suitcase on his bed that hes putting clothes into. As he is packing he tells Jack that he has rigged a sailboat for him to make his escape in. He says that if he gets out alive he is going to sail around the world as its something he's always wanted to do. He goes downstairs to his gun rack in his living room and pulls out a laser sniper and hands it to Jack. He says it is his treasured gun and they will need it as they are sailing away. They then head out back and Billy heads down to the boat. After you take control of Jack head down to the sailboat parked at the jetty. After you are on board Billy tells you there is some armor, an RPG and an M4 in the cabin so head down the stairs and pick up the armor and M4 ammo if you need it. And the RPG if you dont have one. Then head back up to the deck as Billy will sail north to escape the bay. The first resistance you encounter is two Predators that attack as you are beginning your journey. Take cover along the sidewall of the boat and take out the Coast guard on the deck. Once they ar etaken out move to the next boat and take them out. Billy is near the back of the boat driving and if he is killed during the mission you fail. There is no engine on the sailboat so the only thing you will have to worry about will be explosives which could sink the boat. After you reach the bridge that connects SSF and Ridgemont another predator will join the chase. Take the crew out of that one as well and Billy will continue on. When you get around the airport two more Predators and your first helicopter will appear. Take out the predators as fast a spossible and then Billy will tell you there is a rocket launcher downstairs if you havent already gotten it. Use the RPG to take out the Maverick and then you continue on. When you reach the Garver Bridge another Predator joins the chase and two B.A.T.E members rappel from the bridge and onto the boat. Take them out quickly as they could cause some serious problems if they arent taken out quickly. Once you have dealt with them take out the predator. After a little bit another Maverick will join the chase. Take it out with the RPG like you did with the first one. When you reach the Gant bridge you are almost home free but there is still one more Predator and a an anihilator. You must take out both of these things because Billy doesnt want them following him out to sea. The Anihilator is tough but can be taken down with an RPG. The same goes for the Predator. After you have taken them both out Billy drops a dinghy and thanks you for your help. He pays you $2500 and says that you can stay in his house now that he wont be using it. He bids you farewell and says he will try to stay in touch with you if he can and with that he heads off to the open seas to sail around the world. you regain control of Jack inside the Dinghy in the bay and Billy's house available as a safehouse.

Andrei Fedorov cont...

Stealing From A Baby

Payout: $650

After Andrei calls you his "A" logo reappears at Romanov's. Jack goes around to the back door and knocks to be let in. One of Andrei's bodyguards answers and lets him in. He leads him out of the office and to the VIP section of the club where Andrei is found partying with soome women. He sees Jack and gets up and leaves his party. He begins to lead Jack to his office but is stumbling around drunk so he just sits in a chair and tells Jack to take a seat and he does. Andrei tells him that hes close to getting his brother back but he needs to do one more thing. He speaks in a slured manner but is understandable. Jack asks about what he has to do and Andrei replys with "Do what you did to me, Steal some drugs" He says that hes recieved word that a local pusher who goes by the name of "Big Baby" is ordering in a shipment of H from Asia and it should be arriving in Easter Basin soon. He tells Jack to get down there as soon as possible and to not mess it up. After the cutscene you take control of Jack in the back alley behind the club and he calls Ernesto to ask if he wants to help him rip off a drug shipment and Ernesto agrees to and tells you to get him at his place. So follow the GPS route to Ernesto's house in West San Fierro. Pull up infront of the house and Ernesto gets off his front steps and gets into the car. After you have picked up Ernesto follow the GPS route to the gate at the southern most dock in Easter Basin. Jack and Ernesto pull up to the dock and find the gate locked. Ernesto notices some empty shipping containers sitting next to the fence. Exit the vehicle and head over to the shippingt containers and begin to climb up with Ernesto. After you climb onto the second one you are higher than the fence and you and Ernesto can get over. Once you are inside the fenced of compound proceed toward the dock. You will encounter two armed guards with their back turned to you as you make your way down toward the dock. You can use your silenced pistol and try to score headshots on both or you can take them out loud. Of you take them out loud you will be noticed by the other guards inside the dock area. There are about 10 in the area. If you take them out silent you can continue down toward the dock and gradually take out the guards silently and out of sight of other guards. You can make it down onto the dock silently and once you get down there you find a man wearing gold chains that Ernesto identifies as Baby. A local drug pusher who is worth a large amount of money. He spots you and Ernesto and you and him scramble into cover. If you took out all the guards loud then Baby and his bodyguards just fire on you when you get down to the end of the dock. Your objective is to kill Baby so stay in cover and take out Baby's guards. There are four of them and once they have been taken care of you can turn your attention to Baby. He is hiding behind a crate near the end of the dock so move until you get a line of fire on him and take him out. Once he is dead collect one of the duffel bags of drugs sitting on the dock and Ernesto picks up the other. After you have the bags a cutscene shows two carloads of gang members crash through the main gate and head toward you. Get behind some cover and take out the attacking gang members once they exit their cars to take shots at you. Once you have taken out your attackers hop in one of their Sentinels and flee the area. Jack says that they have to take the drugs to Romanov's as soon as possible and this places a GPS marker at the club. Along the way you will encounter another car load of Baby's gang and Ernesto will take shots at them. You must kill the pursuing gang members and then lose any wanted level you may have attined from that before you take the drugs to Andrei. When you arrive Jack and Ernesto head around back and knock on the door. One of Andrei's body gaurds takes their bags and says the boss will talk to you soon and the body gaurd hands you some money for doing the job. Ernesto takes his cut and heads home.

Text Message: After this mission you recieve a text from Packie telling you to come buy his apartment in South San Fierro. This puts a "P" on the radar at Packie's apartment.

Back From The Brink

Payout: None (Some Money is dropped by enemies during mission)

Not too long after you finish "Stealing From A Baby" Andrei will give you a call that starts this mission automatically. He calls you and says that you can go and pick up your brother now and that he is waiting in an alleyway in Garcia. He says you did a good job working for him and now your brother can go free. Follow the GPS route over to Andy's location in Garcia. Pull into the marker arrow and Jack walks down the alleyway looking around when he sees a Futo parked and hears muffled noises coming from the trunk. He breaks it open and Andy climbs out and hugs his brother. He says hes so happy to see him and Jack says so too. As theya re talking two men are seen sneaking from behind the car and they gang up on the brothers and hit them over the head with bats. When they fall to the ground a black van pulls up and both are pulled in and driven away. When Jack regains consiousness he is lying next to Andy inside of an old abandoned Warehouse. Andrei is sitting on a crate and stands up when Jack wakes up. He says that jack is foolish for trusting him and thinking he would let him get off that easy. He kicks Andy to wake him up and has two of his bodygaurds enter the room as he walks out. He orders his men to kill both of them and one pulls out a pistol and points it at Jacks head. He manages to free his hands from the tie behind his back and kicks the gun from his hand. He gets up and punches the man and then hits the other henchman and knocks him down. He grabs the pistol and shoots the guy who was about to shoot him. He then turns and kills the other one with a headshot as he is standing up. He runs over and unties Andy and he finds a pistol on the other guys belt. After you regain control of Jack him and Andy are hiding behind some crates as three men enter the room to investigate the shots. You only have the pistol you took from the henchman so use that to take out the enemies. They drop Micro Smgs that you can collect. Pick up their weapons and exit the room inot the hallway that over looks the bottom floor of the warehouse. take cover along the low wall and take out as many enemies down below as you can. There are about 5 on the bottom floor and once the cost is clear head over to the staircase that leads down. Once you are on the main floor four more enemies rush in through the front door. Take them out and then pick up any ammo and weapons from the fallen mobsters. Exit the warehouse and you will find three more in the lot outside the warehouse. Take them out using the stacks of plywood for cover. After they are dealt with Andy notices the Black van parked near the exit of the lot. Run over to it and Jack finds his weapons in the back of the van. You now have all of your weapons back. Hop in any vehicle and follow the GPS route to your house in West San Fierro. You are in Easter Basin so its a drive all the way across town. On the way Jack talks to Andy about where he was taken and what happened. Andy says that he thinks he was taken to an abandoned apartment block somewhere but he doesnt know where. He was blindfolded when he was lead inside and out. When you arrive home Jack drops Andy off and says its good to see him. He tells him to go in and get caught up with mom and let her know he is ok. This ends the mission and the "AS" Icon is placed at your house.

Andy Steele Cont...

No Good Deed Goes Unanswered

Payout: $1000

After you drop Andy off at your safehouse in San Fierro his mission logo re appears. Jack enters the house and Finds Andy and his mom sitting on the couch in the living room with Andy trying to comfort his mom and telling her that he is back and safe now. And that hes an adult and can handle himself. She snaps back by saying that shes already lost one son and her other two are mere seconds away from being gone also. She leaves the room and heads toward her bedroom. Jack tells Andy to get ready and to grab any weapon he may have. He says there going to go repay Andrei for his "Kindness". After you have control of Jack hop in a vehicle and let Andy enter. Follow the GPS route up to Romanovs and pull into the marker arrow at the mouth of the alleyway that goes around back. Jack and Andy walka round to the back door and Jack kicks it in with all his might. Andrei is startled and scrambles off leaving two of his henchmen to take care of Andy and Jack. Take out the henchmen and then chase Andrei into the club. You will be attacked as you run down the hall into the main area of the club but there are only two henchmen and they can be dealt with quickly with headshots. Run down the hall and into the main floor of the club. The patrons are running for the door after hearing the gunshots and commotion. There are three of Andrei's henchmen in the main are of the club so take them out quickly and continue to chase Andrei. Once you are out the front door of the club Andrei is seen getting into a Sentinel across the street. There is an NRG-900 and a Sultan parked on the street in the front of the club so make your choice and be sure to wait for Andy. Give chase to Andrei as he winds through the streets of San Fierro heading east towards Downtown and then South. Take shots at his vehicle and after enough he should bail. You can then use any weapon or your vehicle to take him out. Once he is dead Jack says that he got what was coming to him and Andy agrees. Follow the GPS route back to your house in West San Fierro to drop Andy off. If you have completed Packie's mission "Rash Decision" he will tell you to come by but if you havent then he says he will call you soon. And the mission ends.

Packie Cont...

Rash Decision

Payout: $1200 Head back to Packie's apartment after he has given you the call. When you arrive Jack knocks on the door and no one answers. He begins to walk down the stairs to leave when Packie pulls up in a Red Comet. He tells Jack to get in and go for a ride with him. So head down the stairs and get in Packie's car. He tells you to drive to the strip club in Doherty, San Fierro. Along the way Packie talks to Jack about his family and how he thinks James is going down hill with depression because of all the pressures of running his gang. Jack says that they will settle it straight when they finally take it to those Marinos and get rid of them. Packie agrees and thinks they need to do it soon. When you arrive at the strip club Jack pulls into the parking lot and Packie tells him to park in a parking space near the back so back into the parking space in the rear of theparking lot and Packie says they are going to sit and watch out for someone. Jack asks who and Packie just tells him to stay quiet. After a few seconds of watching Packie sees two women walk out of the club laughing and holding hands. Packie is angered and says "I knew she was a freakin Dyke" and tells you to chase after their car. Jack doesnt want to but Packie says its important and they have to. So follow their yellow Sultan and when you get close Packie will open fire on the car. Jack is disturbed at how Packie is trying to kill the women but continues on when Packie says he will pay big time and that its no different than everyone else hes killed. So keep close and allow Packie to fire on the car and you can as well to make the mission go faster. Once the car is damaged enough the girls will bail out and Packie will take them both out. Or they can be killed during the chase. Once they are dead you automatically are given a two star wanted level as the police witnessed the crime. So lose the wanted level and as you are fleeing the cops Packie almost has a breakdown and says that he cant believe he just killed her. Jack calms him down but says he shouldnt of been so rash. After you lose the cops Packie tells you to take him by James place so he can cool down. So head over to James' house in Ridgemont and drop Packie off. He thanks you for your help but says he feels horrible for killing his girl in the heat of the moment. He tells you to stop by soon. this places the "P" at James' house.

Phone Call: If you hadent completed this before completing "No Good Deed Goes Unanswered" Andy will call you and tell you to come by the house. This will put his "AS" back on the radar.

Mission TableEdit

This is a table with the name of every mission and the person who gives it. This table just represents cannon order for the missions but not all plotlines affect each other so the order could be changed with no real affect.

Mission Name Given By
The City By The Bay... Autostart
The Boys Are Back In Town Greg & Andy Steele
Staying Strapped Greg & Andy Steele
Test Run Greg & Andy Steele
The Brothers Steele Greg & Andy Steele
Ghosts In The Fog Jerry Han
Dead To Rights Jerry Han
Sunday Drive Jerry Han
Dead Money Eric Malley
Rocket To Russia Eric Malley
Street Cleaning Eric Malley
Death Of A Salesman Jerry Han
Body Packing Jerry Han
Bad Memories Greg & Andy Steele
In The Name Of My Family Greg & Andy Steele
A Night Out Andy Steele
S.T.A.L.K.E.R Steven Wang
Shoot The Snitch Steven Wang
All The Kings Men Steven Wang
Returning The Favor Steven Wang
Powder Raid Ernesto Cortez
Pigs On Parade Ernesto Cortez
Ernesto's Adventures Ernesto Cortez
Playing Big Brother Greg Steele
Relentless Revenge Greg & Andy Steele
One Night In San Fierro.... Greg & Andy Steele
The Unlucky Irish Packie McReary
In Mourning Andy Steele
Opening Old Wounds Packie McReary
Man Of Action Packie McReary
Drop N' Go Eric Malley
Playing Dirty Packie McReary
Caught In A Vice Packie McReary
From Fierro With Love... "Mystery Caller" (Larry Brookings)
Party Boy Steven Wang
Strippers, Guns and Gangsters Steven Wang
Repo Wars Steven Wang
Naval Engagement Andy Steele
Relapse Andy Steele
Chinese Delivery Andy Steele
Collect Call... Andrei Fedorov
Join The Midnight Club Andrei Fedorov
Air Traffic Control Andrei Fedorov
Supply And Demand Andrei Fedorov
...Collect Call... Andrei Fedorov
...Collect Call Andrei Fedorov
Paper Weight Andrei Fedorov
Super Size Me Packie McReary
Wedding Crashers Packie McReary
Tower Of Trouble Packie McReary
Capital Punishment James McReary
Industrial Revolution James McReary
Camera Shy Larry Brookings
Impounded Billy Zerth
To Live Another Day Billy Zerth
Battle Of The Bay Billy Zerth
Stealing From A Baby Andrei Fedorov
Back From The Brink Andrei Fedorov
No Good Deed Goes Unanswered Andy Steele
Rash Decision Packie McReary